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Originally published in BDSN on November 20, 2023

BDSS 10 speaker, Dream 100 member and ClearAds partner Matt Altman recently shared how you can use customer Q&A’s to significantly improve your product's keyword ranking on Amazon.

He advises you research commonly asked questions about similar products or relevant search terms, then ensure these questions are associated with your products.

For example, if you’re selling jeans with specific features like a button fly and boot cut, it's beneficial to include questions like "Do these jeans have a button fly?" or "Is the cut of these jeans bootcut?" in the Q&A section.

Answering these questions in a simple 'Yes' or 'No' format can enhance the product's visibility for those keywords. He also recommends you answer these questions from your actual seller account for added credibility.

LITTLE KNOWN BONUS TIP: Use Amazon Comprehend (bet most of you have never heard of it) to plug your questions into. You can access Amazon Comprehend document analysis capabilities using the Amazon Comprehend console or using the Amazon Comprehend APIs.

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Originally featured in the April 29, 2024 issue of BDSN

Check out this nifty way from Neha Buchar of Atom11 to automatically scrape organic search results on Amazon for keywords to use for keyword cannibalization or ranking campaigns.

Check out her excellent tips and strategies for PPC on this recent episode of the AM/PM Podcast too:


Originally published in February 26, 2024 issue of BDSN.

Chad Rubin is at it again sharing massive value on Linkedin.

He just released a FREE MEGA PROMPT with step by step instructions to use AI to automate those sh*t reviews off your Amazon product listing.

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Original published in BDSN on October 23, 2023

Adam Wieler is the CEO of Emplicit, a half-a-billion dollar+ marketplace management company for brands like General Mills, Guinness World Records and Organifi.

His team uses the SEO checklist below to optimize over 450 listings that collectively sell $50 million per month on Amazon.


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Originally published in BDSN on November 13, 2023

The last thing you want is to have your listing suppressed or suspended because you inadvertently put some words of phrases in your title, listing, images or A+ content that Amazon prohibits.

The good folks over at Optimizon have put together a comprehensive guide that tells you all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you can do in your listings to proactively prevent issues.

Here are a few excerpts:


This tip is courtesy of DAVAN Strategic.

They used it to generate one million dollars in a week with the forbidden term “Mothers Day Gifts” in their title. They shot straight to rank #1.

WARNING: Amazon may plug the loophole if this tip gets spread widely. To avoid possible supression, test it first on a low selling SKU to confirm it works on your account before rolling it out.

Amazon automatically strips out prohibited words in your title and condenses the rest of the remaining words.

For example, “Mother’s Day Gift” is a prohibited title phrase.

So the title “Coffee Mug - Mothers Day Gift for Mom” is reduced by Amazon to “Coffee Mug - for Mom”

To get around this, nest the forbidden phrase within a split of the prohibited word phrase in your title.

For example, Amazon will make “Coffee Mug - Mothers Mothers Day Gift Day Gift for Mom” become “Coffee Mug - Mothers Day Gift for Mom”

Amazon removes the prohibited phrase “Mothers Day Gift” condensing the rest to exactly what you want it to be.

Now, imagine what you can do with this technique for the upcoming Prime Day keywords to get them in your title and rank right at the top!

📱 $220,000 in 2 HOURS as a TIKTOK AFFILIATE

Originally published in BDSN on February 29, 2024

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