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Last year, the 16-mile-long British territory of Anguilla in the Caribbean generated more than 10% of its GDP from the top-level domain extension .ai, which is its official internet symbolic. How much did it make selling .ai domains to tech folks?

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It’s getting scary what AI and technology can do.

A new device called the RPT-1000 (short for “Review Power Tool”) claims it can “sniff” certain IP addresses on the internet for order confirmation emails coming from all the top e-com sites.

The RPT1000 automatically leaves a review on behalf of a real customer from a real order. Reviews can be good ones on your products, or “safety issue” or “negative” ones on your competitors.

The developers claim they have a 40% success rate on capturing order names and matching to real accounts using the sniffed emails and big data.

Check out the video:

The Pro version can run timed attacks on competitors to lock up inventory and can alter up to 28% of “bad” reviews going back up to six months (it can only change them - it can’t delete them).

If you have been selling for a while, you know many Chinese blackhat sellers used to have mobile phone banks (like in the picture below) that would do add to carts, wishlists and other nefarious activities to help sellers rank.

But this stand-alone machine, originally developed by bitcoin miners, is on another level. They figured out how to grab web data and mimic real human actions when interacting with e-com sites using AI.

The device is the size of an iPad (a little thicker) and doesn't connect to WI-FI for security reasons - you have to use an Ethernet port and cable. You can set a delay on the SKU level for the number of days to wait before it generates a review.

A sophisticated AI writes some 4, but mostly 5-star reviews using a special LLM called “ZeusEC.” It looks at your public listing, your previous “real” reviews and competitor reviews to train. No two reviews it writes are alike and they are undetectable by AI checkers.

The RPT1000 will not go over a 10% review rate and uses an algorithm to space postings. The device price is really low, but there is a small “per success” fee. Payment is by Bitcoin, ETH or WETH - no credit cards or fiat currency.

Reportedly, the Chinese government is trying to ban the export of the RPT1000, perhaps to protect local seller advantage. So the public release has been delayed to May while production ramps up in an undisclosed location (Russia maybe?).

In private beta testing, sellers are seeing a median 3.24X increase in sales after just one month from improved conversion and click through rates. ACOS has also gone down on average for the beta test group from 36% to 14%. Kinda surprised the e-com giants are blind to what’s happening.

Even though the RPT1000 leaves no trace and has an automatic self destruct mode if compromised (there is also a panic button on the back), I won’t be using this in my business.

But I hope none of my competitors do because I will be f*cked trying to compete.


The U.S. has overtaken China as the world's top spot for millionaires and billionaires.

There are now more than 5.5 million Americans with liquid investible assets of more than $1 million, up 62% over the past decade and well above the global growth rate of 38%, according to the 2024 USA Wealth Report.

Over the past five years, the population of millionaires in the U.S. has grown 35%, nearly twice as fast as China's. The U.S. is now home to 37% of the world's millionaires.

My home city of Austin, Texas saw its millionaire population jump 110% in the last 10 years to 32,700 millionaires (and 10 billionaires).


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Three super valuable websites in Chinese (use Google to easily translate) where the latest advanced strategies and tactics are freely shared.

It’s where many of the top sellers in the world get their cutting edge information you won’t find anywhere else, including tactics they use to win hack contests.

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Here’s 3 cross-border websites full of valuable information from the Chinese perspective.

The Chinese freely share strategies and resources among other sellers, versus in the West we tend to hold things closer to the vest.

Use Google Chrome and choose the auto English (or your native language) translation option to read these.


“Wally World” as we call it in the South is reportedly is accepting monopoly money as payment during a one-day only promotion in stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama today.

Be careful though if using your paper money from old games that have been sitting in the attic. Some of the earlier Parker Brothers money (before Hasbro bought the game) is worth a lot more in the collectibles market.

The stores are allowing customers to redeem up to $25 in monopoly money using the self-checkout lanes. Coupon scanners have been programmed to accept official Monopoly currency from the popular board game.

The promotion is today only, and there is a limit of one redemption per person (PRO TIP: just split your shopping cart items among your family).

Note: If you believe this story, Happy April Fool’s Day!

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In light of all the added costs now to ship into multiple Amazon warehouses, new tools have popped up to help sellers potentially save money in replenishing inventory.

One such service is called Nemoship (not an affiliate link). A seller I know recently avoided the inventory placement fee and was able to consolidate goods into one warehouse, saving herself about $2,000.

For a $99 monthly fee, Nemoship ties into Seller Central and allows you to choose one FC from the available ones and create a shipment solely for that selected FC.

It uses tricks like letting you include or exclude “dummy products” from your shipments and use dummy ship-from addresses to increase the number of available FCs.

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Vanessa Hung and Chelsea Cohen have co-authored a FREE 45-page PDF guide on how to navigate Amazon’s increasing fee stack.

Along with several expert contributors, they provide analysis and insightful tips and strategies on when each fee takes affect, ways to calculate and minimize it, how it will directly impact you, and steps to maximize your profitability in 2024 despite all the new fees.

Chelsea also created a free Google Sheet calculator that will “predict” your upcoming low inventory fees since they are accessed going forward for previous stock levels.

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“The herd mentality is powerful.

People look to other people on how to behave.

If one person looks at the sky, nobody pays attention.

If a lot of people are looking at the sky, then you yourself stop to look too to see what it is.”

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