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Worldwide e-commerce sales will surpass $6 trillion this year.

Western Europe will have the slowest growth rate at 6.4%. Which region is expected to have the fastest growth of 15.8%?

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Shein and Temu are emerging as formidable competitors to Amazon.

Shein's Rapid Growth and Supply Chain Advantage

  • Shein has experienced exponential growth, with revenues reaching $40 billion and surpassing Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the US.

  • Shein's key advantage lies in its innovative, digitally-native supply chain model that allows it to launch up to 6,000 new products per day, with a 30-day inventory turnover compared to the industry average of 4 times per year.

  • Shein's supply chain agility and on-demand manufacturing capabilities enable it to quickly analyze demand, replenish orders, and discontinue underperforming items, reducing storage costs and inventory waste.

  • Shein is planning to offer a "supply chain as a service" to other brands and designers, allowing them to leverage Shein's model for small-batch testing and on-demand manufacturing.

Temu's Rapid Rise and Disruptive Tactics

  • Temu has rapidly gained market share, accounting for 20-25% of ad impressions purchased on Google in the fourth quarter of 2023, up from "near zero" at the end of 2022.

  • Temu's deep discounts, wide product range, and aggressive marketing tactics, including a Super Bowl ad blitz, have made it a formidable competitor to Amazon and other e-commerce players.

  • Temu's business model, which involves using AI-generated images and small-batch testing of products, has raised concerns about potential issues such as the sale of prohibited items and the use of forced labor.

Amazon's Response

  • Temu was launched in September 2022. In less than a year, the platform already eclipsed 100 million active users in the US. Shein has just 13.7 million users in the US (74.7 million worldwide), while there are 112 million Amazon Prime users in the US.

  • Amazon is taking steps to defend its turf, such as cutting commissions on clothing priced below $15 to 5% from 17% in an apparent appeal to Shein and Temu merchants.

  • The company is also focusing on strengthening its supply chain capabilities, including launching an "innovation center" in Shenzhen, China, to support its China-based sellers.

Opportunities for 3P Sellers

  • Explore selling on Shein's platform, as the company has recruited over 3,000 Amazon sellers to diversify its offering beyond apparel.

  • Leverage Shein's "supply chain as a service" offering to test new products in small batches and quickly analyze demand before scaling up production.


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What's the optimal angle for product images?

It depends. Do customers want:

  • ... a powerful product?

  • ... to feel powerful?

Consider movies.

Upward angles convey power.

Downward angles convey a lack of power.

Products seem powerful with upward angles.

So upward angles must be better, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes you can boost sales by depicting products in a weaker light because it shifts power toward the customer.

For example, customers prefer downward angles of anthropomorphic products because it feels like they're looking down at this entity from a high location, which makes them feel dominant over it.

So which angles are better for which products?

Downward Angles:

  • Easy to Use. Products will seem easier to control (e.g., self-assembly)

  • Portable. Products will seem lighter or smaller (e.g., travel kits)

  • Sustainable. Products will seem soft or natural (e.g., cleaning solution)

Upward Angles:

  • Effective. Products will seem powerful (e.g., lotion)

  • Luxury. Products will seem high status (e.g., handbag)

  • Experts. Products (or people) will seem authoritative (e.g., influencer)

Consider these listings for a portable washing machine.

Most customers want portability.

In the downward angle, customers feel like they're looking down at the machine. So it feels smaller (and thus portable). Exactly what their brain is seeking.

Customers who want a powerful machine would be drawn toward the machine with an upward angle because their brain is monitoring for traits that convey power.


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Standing on the rim of an active Volcano

Vanuatu! Ever heard of it?

It's this hidden gem nestled in the South Pacific, not far from Fiji. Picture this: a cluster of 83 stunning islands, each with its own unique history and charm.

I heard about this experience back in 2013, so I had to go.

Vanuatu has it all – from fascinating tribal cultures to jaw-dropping natural wonders. But the real highlight? Mount Yasur, the world's most accessible active volcano, located on the island of Tanna.

Imagine trekking through dense jungle to reach the sacred slopes of Mount Yasur. You'll pass by the rich traditions of the local tribes who have no electricity or running water. They believe the volcano holds the key to their prosperity.

Standing on the rim of the fiery giant is an experience. The ground trembling beneath your feet, the thick smoke swirling around you, the sulfuric scent filling your lungs – it's like being on another planet.

And every few seconds, you're treated to the spectacle of roaring explosions and fiery lava bombs shooting into the sky.



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