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  • 🗄️ Amazon & Microsoft invest in AI data centers

  • 🚚 Dealing with Amazon split shipments

  • 🛍️ Flip Shop wants only authentic reviews

  •  📖 Ecomtent patents AI e-com technology


TEMU had 4.6 million active shoppers on its app in September 2022. How many did it have at the end of September 2023?

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How would you like to crush your product launches by driving a tsunami of outside traffic to Amazon for FREE?

That’s what Josh Hadley, one of the speakers at BDSS 10 in Hawaii, showed you how to do on the recent Billion Dollar Seller hacks webinar.

His hack took first place in the audience voting. Josh and several more of the smartest Amazon sellers in the world will be sharing these kinds of strategies in Hawaii next month.

And if you think Josh is smart, just wait until you meet Becca, his wife and Amazon business partner. She placed third in the hack contest at last year’s BDSS Puerto Rico event.

Josh says sellers who are not using Amazon’s new Creator Connections tool are missing out and could get crushed by their competition.

But the problem is, almost every seller using Creator Connections right now is using it the WRONG WAY!

Note: Creator Connections is currently in a closed beta by invite only, but many sellers are still able to get instantly approved while others are put on a waitlist.

Josh recently got an insane 89% conversion rate in influencer traffic for one of his products using Creator Connections.

You should consider joining us in Hawaii at BDSS 10 for tons more tactical techniques like this you will NOT get anywhere else from the best of the best in the world when it comes to selling on Amazon.

In the meantime, Josh is sharing this amazing step-by-step SOP with you so you and/or your team can replicate his success.

Implement it today and start crushing it while leaving your competitors wondering what happened!


Does not include 3P top-line sales, only Amazon’s part of it


On March 1st Amazon implemented increases in placement fees and introduced more splits in shipment plans.

The new reality creates operational burden for sellers, service providers and shipping lines due to varying destinations, labeling requirements, tracking and arrival challenges.

You can use an Amazon SPN Logistics partner's self-owned warehouses, ideally with locations on both the east and west coasts, to handle Amazon shipments as prep centers, and alleviate the burden.

For example, Unicargo advised one client to open 3 shipment plans to assess shipping costs (see the 3 photos below).

Ultimately, consolidating into one shipment plan and directing it to a nearby third-party logistics provider (3PL), which in the example below is LAX10, might be more efficient, and is particularly beneficial under EXW terms.

However, under DDP terms, the strategy may differ based on the overall context and buffers. Check out the examples:

6 shipment splits:

3 shipment splits:

1 consolidated shipment:

There's no right or wrong answer. But it’s not always as clear as you may think. You have to run the numbers all the way through for your case.

What can you do?

  • Stay informed, experiment, and seek guidance from freight forwarders who possess extensive experience in handling diverse shipments and navigating crises worldwide.

  • Create a table like above to calculate costs and transit times accurately.

  • Embrace 3PLs—they offer versatile inbound services across multiple global locations, including convenient 'cross-dock' services for swift transit.

  • Have your logistics coordinator participate in shipper groups to stay current, like this Telegram page.

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Amazon and Microsoft, two titans of technology and cloud computing, are making monumental moves to solidify their dominance in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Amazon has announced an unprecedented investment of $150 billion over the next 15 years to expand its data center infrastructure. This strategic expansion is designed to cater to the surging demand for AI applications and digital services.

Amazon has invested an additional $2.75 billion into Anthropic, completing its pledge of up to $4 billion. This investment aims to accelerate the development and deployment of Anthropic's AI technologies. Anthropic is best known for its Claude LLMs.

The Claude 3 series AI models, now available through Amazon Bedrock, exemplify the cutting-edge AI capabilities being developed. Anthropic, founded by former OpenAI employees, has rapidly grown, securing over $10 billion in funding from major tech companies, including a notable investment from Google.

On the other side, Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, is embarking on a groundbreaking project named "Stargate," which involves the creation of a $100 billion supercomputer. This initiative is expected to significantly push the boundaries of computing power and efficiency in AI research and applications.

The massive investments in AI and data center infrastructure by Amazon and Microsoft underscore a future where AI-driven solutions and services will become increasingly integral to business operations, customer service, and innovation.

Sellers can expect a more sophisticated and seamless integration of AI tools in the Amazon ecosystem, offering new opportunities to enhance sales strategies, product recommendations, customer experiences and operational efficiencies.


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Fresh off a new raise of $144 million, social commerce start-up Flip Shop is seeking to take on the likes of Amazon and TikTok. About 5 million people have downloaded the Flip app so far since its launch.

Flip is an honest video review site that rewards users with points and commissions for shopping then leaving reviews. Average order values exceed $80 across the 3,000+ brands currently on the platform.

Flip is trying to differentiate itself by offering only brand name products promoted via video reviews made by shoppers. Users browse reviews of a range of products, including $100 DeLonghi espresso machines, $50 OtterBox cell phone holders and $38 Maison Louis Marie candles.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Noor Agha said Flip aspires to be “the last honest place on the internet” by showing reviews from shoppers who actually bought the product. Reviewers earn money based on views and related product sales. Flip levies a commission on each sale and charges brands to make reviews of their products more visible in the app.

For sellers, the cost of the UGC is super low, and it is easy to set up by connecting your Shopify (using Convictional) or Amazon store. Flip only allows authentic brands - no Chinese copycats. Customers buy products with referral rewards cash.

Sellers can’t control who leaves reviews, they can only enable the Gratis program. If a brand sends a customer a free product and they don’t leave a review, they are banned from receiving additional free products. Flip’s seller fees amount to about 30% from each sale.

You can upload UGC from other platforms to show on your listings - you just can’t run them as ads. There are no paid influencers on Flip. If you refer a friend and they sign up, you both get between $30-$70 in app credit, as the company is actively trying to increase its user base with incentives.

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Ecomtent has filed a patent for its AI-driven technology designed to enhance e-commerce product listings through optimized lifestyle images, infographics and keywords.

The company wants to help Amazon sellers streamline content creation, enabling the generation of high-quality, targeted product images and descriptions.

Ecomtent is a leader in e-commerce automation, offering tools to optimize listings across multiple channels and adapt to market trends, potentially revolutionizing product listing strategies for sellers on platforms like Amazon.



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