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what you need to know to make moolah


The Amazon Creator hub, specifically Shoppable Videos, is generating huge profits and conversions for a lot of sellers and creators, aka influencers. The best part: video creators do not need to drive traffic or promote on social media!

The Amazon Influencer program is an offshoot of the associates (affiliate) program and is specifically designed to utilize UGC (user generated content) on Amazon to help shoppers make more confident buying decisions.

Content creators who are approved for the Amazon Influencer Program create product specific content, and Amazon places it in various onsite placements.

Commissions range from 1-4%, and product research is critical for success.

There is also a huge opportunity for brands to work with influencers in the program. A major advantage is you can talk to the influencer and guide them (unlike Vine Voices).

The influencers help shoppers make more confident buying decisions by answering questions about your product and showcasing features. It’s a win-win-win-win. You sell more, Amazon makes more, the influencer makes commission and the shopper feels good about their purchase.

Early data shows that shippable video influencer content can increase conversion rates and kickstart the sales flywheel, and help keyword ranking.

Ten percent of the folks in a mastermind group called Anonymous Influencers are making more than $10,000 in commission per month. Typically they have created around 1,000 videos to get to that level of earnings.

The average shoppable video influencer who is serious about creating with intent can make about $1,500-$3,000 per month - not bad for a housewife, college student or a musician waiting for his or her next paying gig.

One creator I know in Austin has made over $50,000 in passive income by creating just 200 shoppable videos - last year.

Another creator I know walks around her house and friends’ homes shooting items, then uploads them to Amazon. She also sometimes buys products to review. She makes about $1,700 in monthly commissions. She says it takes about 5 hours to make 50 videos, and AI video tools help speed the process.

The most successful creators purchase products to review with intent or work with sellers directly to create for them.

Liz Saunders, the creator of FluencerFruit has personally netted $5,000 off a single video she made explaining how to assemble a tent.

She worked directly for Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer for six years before branching out on her own in May 2023 to create FluencerFruit.

It’s the X-Ray of product research for video creators.

Fluencer Fruit is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the best products to create videos for. It shows if the product is eligible, the commission rate, how many videos are already in the carousel, and estimated monthly unit sales using Jungle Scout data.

It also scores the product - a score of 70 or more is a golden opportunity.

For a shoppable video to be eligible to appear on a product listing, the listing must first have a video uploaded by the brand or seller.

Creators and influencers who are approved into the program create product review or instructional videos that Amazon’s algorithm places in the video carousel on that creators’ Amazon homepage, on qualified seller listings, Inspire and Discover feeds, and other mobile and desktop spots.

The video carousel appears in image spot #7 on an Amazon listing, and can contain up to six videos. If a shopper clicks to purchase the product after watching the creator’s video, the creator makes a commission.

The fewer the number of videos for a tagged products, the more likely the creator/influencer’s video will show and lead to a commission.

To be approved to be an Amazon Influencer, you’ll need a YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook account with 1,000 or more followers and good engagement on your posts. If a product is for a child under 13 or features a child, an adult must also appear in the video (ideally with their face visible).

Amazon will sometimes approve influencers with less than 1,000 followers if the engagement is strong. The type of engagement they look for, in order, is: shares, saves, comments, likes.

If you are trying to get approved, make sure you are doing call to actions (CTAs) in your posts for shares and saves rather than just asking for likes and comments.

Creators can tag up to 3 ASINs in one video, which make them great or cross selling (as long as in the same category) other accessories or complementary products (ex: replacement hose for a power washer), or comparing one seller’s product to a competitive product and potentially redirecting some sales to a seller from a competitor.


Liz has an excellent training course she created with Toni Herrbach on how to get started. If you want to try FluencerFruit, code BDSN501 will get you 50% off the annual plan for life since you are a newsletter subscriber.

Sellers looking to be connected with top notch influencers to create on-Amazon shoppable review videos can DM Liz directly to discuss working with her agency, Fluencer Fruit Connect.

Tools like Be.Live can also help simplify the entire video creation process for influencers.

→ know your numbers, own your destiny

It ain’t sexy or exciting, but every single one of you that own or run a business need to know every single term on this chart, or you are operating blind.

→ Amazon’s sandbox


American sellers on Amazon now constitute less than 50% of the market, with a record low of 48% of top third-party sellers being U.S. businesses, according to Marketplace Pulse research.

This decline from a recent high of 55% in March 2022 was influenced by factors like lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and Amazon's policies. On the other hand, Chinese sellers, who predominantly use Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, have been expanding their market share.

Despite a brief setback between November 2020 and March 2022, largely due to Amazon's suspension of numerous top Chinese sellers, the trend of "Made in China, Sold on Amazon" persists as the dominant narrative.


Now on Amazon Prime → Based on the book "Zero to Hero," the true story of Jeff Bezos, Bezos: The Beginning is the story of a humble but successful Wall Street executive with an idea that would change the world.

Starting out in his garage, he was cheered on by his wife and loving parents when the internet was young, but code development and finances were an early struggle on his way to creating one of the world's most recognized retail brands.

 immediate impact tips


Amazon has introduced the ability for Brand Registered sellers to upload 3D content to their listings to help educate customers about the product and get them excited about the brand.

It’s not available in all categories yet, but if you sell in categories such as home, furniture, consumer electronics, shoes and eye-wear, Amazon is supporting it.

Here’s how to do it:

 → all the kool kids use these


AI is impacting all aspects of e-commerce. Here are the top 50 most popular tools. Several of them can make you selling life a lot better.


AI Is changing search. Don't get left behind.

Link building is changing rapidly. SEO content is becoming abundant (90% of all web pages will be AI generated soon) while high quality links are scarce.

The future of link building lies in delivering high quality, relevant links that focus on user intent.

Want a reputable backlink profile that surpasses standard niche sites or HARO placements?

Guest posting is one of the predominant ways people build backlinks. Done right, they work great, but there are plenty of unscrupulous link builders out there happy to sell you guest post backlinks placed on link farms.

A guest post backlink is only as valuable as the site that hosts the guest post.

Dofollow.com delivers only premium DR65+ links from giants like HubSpot and Zendesk. Drive sustainable traffic to your blogs and products with relevant links.

They build links on the most desired publications in the world in accordance with Google's quality guidelines, including links most others can't get and which pass through an editorial process to help create long-term, sustainable SEO growth.

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In 2016, while living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with his family, Ben Leonard was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. It motivated him to take action and build his own brand.

Starting from scratch, he built a fitness brand that grew to $6 million/year in sales. He successfully sold it to Thrasio after just three years – a true business triumph.

Ben is the embodiment of the millennial entrepreneur who built a thriving business on a laptop, in a cupboard, and in his spare time.

Now, he's doing it all over again with multiple other brands.

Don't wait for a wake-up call like Ben did – seize the opportunity to learn from his experiences and build your own successful brand.

Get your copy of Quit Stalling and Build Your Brand and let Ben Leonard guide you on your journey to e-commerce success .…


Australia’s biggest Amazon seller conference is back for a second year next month. The Southern Seller Fest is November 10-12 in Sydney Australia.

An all-star line-up of speakers are set to rock the stage down-under. The event includes a VIP and speaker dinner, extended lunches and a networking party like only Aussies can do it.

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→ real products … real sales … real reviews

The description on Amazon says it all:

This book contains one page of introduction, followed by 40 pages which simply say “Inhale.” “Exhale.”

Is this serious or a joke? Both. If the existence of this book causes someone to laugh, it will have fulfilled its purpose by bringing about a moment of genuine presence and joy.

The product description says it’s a serious tool for meditation by giving the reader a non-screen, physical object with which to focus their attention and fully dial into a deep meditative practice.

It’s rated 4.5 stars and has 111 reviews (81% 5-star).

According to Helium 10’s X-ray, it sells about one unit per week.


Have you heard the saying “Competition is for losers?”

The quote is from Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and the author of Zero to One.

You don’t want to compete, you want to control.

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