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  • 🚢 Container shipping prices have plummeted 90%

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  • 🧠 Bad ass AI content generator built for e-commerce

  • 🎨 $1.6 million for something my 5 year-old self could’ve made

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US online holiday shopping is expected to hit $221 Billion this year, up 4.8% YoY. What percentage of that will occur on mobile devices?

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Welcome Brandon Young to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Every Thursday I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know in our industry.

Brandon Young is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

I first met him at an Amazon Seller event in Florida, where the valet of the hotel decided to take his Tesla for an unauthorized joy ride one night.

He’s an avid trading card collector, loyal Miami Dolphins fan, loving father and supporting husband. He has also spoken at several BDSS events and won the best hack contest a couple times.

Brandon and his wife Jennifer are successful 8-figure Amazon sellers. While Jennifer runs the product side and manages the team in China, Brandon focuses on software and training others how to sell on Amazon through Seller Systems.

He calls it a “college-level” course. He’s famous for his “office hours” where he meets directly with students to answer questions and solve problems. He is proud that he has helped 100s of sellers reach 7+ figures

I remember speaking to a crowd of 2,000 Chinese sellers with Brandon in Shenzhen in April 2019. The next day, he and I did a mastermind for 60 of them.

Brandon explained how to use spreadsheets in his system of finding and vetting products. I’ll never forget when he asked the audience, “How do you find products to sell?” and they answered “We just look at the Best Sellers list.”

Those spreadsheets evolved into Data Dive, a tool that every serious seller should have in their product discovery, list building and ranking arsenal.

Brandon is always giving back. If someone posts some shady stuff on social media, he will fearlessly call them out so others don’t get burned.

He also routinely hosts fun networking parties at Amazon seller and e-com events. Some of his Top Golf parties are legendary (the first one I went to was in Miami during a Grant Cardone 10X event).

Earlier this year, he got rave reviews for his Camp Ecom. He’s doing it again this coming January in Orlando, Florida. I’ll be there.

Be sure to follow and congratulate Brandon on social!

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  what you need to know to make moolah


Newsletters (I am not talking about crappy promotional emails), if done correctly, can build raving fans, launch products to the top of search and make a lot of money directly and indirectly.

I know first hand. I have done it.

The tools and methods have come a long way since I did it with a cobbled-together system in the early 2000’s.

I sent 250,000 opt-in email newsletters daily, 7 days a week, generating millions of dollars in physical product and digital sales.

Not only can newsletters make serious money on their own, they can drive massive sales to your products.

Real newsletters can also be sold for millions:

  • Industry Dive was acquired for $525M in 10 years

  • Morning Brew was acquired for $75M in 5 years

  • The Hustle was acquired for ~$27M in 4 years

  • Milk Road sold for 7 figures in 10 months

Two weeks ago at Funnel Hacking Live, Russell Brunson made a newsletter the core foundation of his Linchpin system in front of 4,500 internet marketers.

Perry Belcher is all-in on newsletters. Check out the October 19 AM/PM Podcast next week to hear Perry and I speak about it. And be sure to listen to this week’s AM/PM podcast as Jon Derkits and I talk about it too.

Some of you know my personal trainer, Mike O’Hara, from the BDSS events (early morning beach workouts). He started a newsletter a few weeks ago for his training business and is crushing it.

Jo Lambadjieva from the last BDSS in Puerto Rico fired up an AI for Ecommerce newsletter after hearing me speak.

A partner of mine in Germ Shark also started a newsletter in the sustainability space a couple months ago for a company he consults for.

An attendee from the first BDSS in 2019 launched a Fast Food newsletter in July. He started by buying a Facebook group for $1,500, and now has 21,000+ newsletter subscribers and growing.

He’s targeting a customer avatar that he can sell physical products to, get top tier sponsors for, and then hopefully exit for millions.

He is doing it with a single VA and automation. You should sign-up and study his tactics.

The traditional ways of building an audience to launch products include:

  • Facebook groups / advertising / SEO & blogs

  • Post on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. / Influencers / PR

  • Capture emails from inserts, landing pages

  • Other people’s audiences - launch services

With just a single click at Amazon, Walmart, Twitter, Linkedin, or Meta's HQ, your entire business could be wiped out in an instant.

Building a business on social media or just by selling on marketplaces like Amazon means you're building it on rented grounds.

That's why it's crucial to OWN your audience, aka build an engaged email list.

Smart marketers play the game like this →

They get attention where it’s easiest (social / Amazon) and then transfer it to somewhere they own (email / snail mail).

You can build highly engaged audiences to buy your products quickly even if you are starting with nobody on your email list.

Some people have blogs, which can be great for SEO. But that’s pull, not push marketing. People have to go there on their own - you don’t go to them.

You should be trying to capture every single person’s email that comes to your blog or web page, even if they don’t give you their email address (there are tools that do this secretly, like DataZapp).

I also recommend you subscribe for free to Growth in Reverse. Every Sunday she sends a newsletter breaking down how one and two person companies are building huge audiences rapidly using newsletters.

Plus, on December 1, I will be hosting a FREE webinar for BDSN newsletter subscribers showing you all the tools, methods and everything you need to know to integrate a newsletter into your physical products or agency business.

It will max out at 2,000 attendees.
Get on the waiting list now. Don’t miss it!

A select few of you reading this newsletter are doing it right. The rest of you are just sending crappy emails nobody wants or reads. This book may help:

I also highly recommend the podcast below. Former Amazonian Jon Derkits and I talk about newsletters, AI and more. You’ll learn a lot.

 🎧 LISTEN UP - Latest AM/PM Podcast episode 🚗 ✈️ 🏋🏽

Kevin and Jon discuss building audiences and tribes through newsletters and content to drive sales and create passionate fans. They talk about going beyond products to build a brand identity and community.

We cover changes coming to Amazon search with AI and how you'll need strong brands and products, not just keywords. Authenticity is key - you need to find your brand's unique voice vs mimicking others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build an email list and newsletter to own your audience long-term

  • Create a distinct brand identity and community beyond just products

  • Authenticity and finding your unique brand voice is critical

  • Understand Amazon search changes coming with AI

  • Travel to connect with people and get new ideas/perspectives

→ Be sure to subscribe to Jon’s Amazon newsletter too.

→ know your numbers, own your destiny

There has been a nearly 90% dip in container shipment costs from China to the USA and Northern Europe since 2022's onset. Container ships handle about 95% of global manufactured goods.

During the pandemic, shipping a 40-foot container to the US West Coast surpassed $20,000. Presently, it's around $3,000.

 → all the kool kids use these


Kua.ai is a one-stop AI content generator tailored for e-commerce.

It uses a combination of OpenAI, Meta AI and GoogleAI to help boost your e-commerce business and streamline content creation.

The platform follows a three-step process: task selection, context provision, and result confirmation, to ensure quality​.

  • 200+ ready-to-use applications: Includes Amazon Listing Builder, SEO Content Wizard, AI Image Creation, etc.

  • Infobase: Centralizes brand information, product details, and brand voice for instant use across applications.

  • AI Image Creation: Generates product images through text descriptions, image variations, or background replacements.

  • AI Chat: Switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, access real-time Google and Amazon data, and improve prompts effortlessly.


Imagine having a major advantage over your competitors and being able to stop the scroll this holiday season like this:

Maybe it’s a Santa Claus, flying reindeer, elves, or a model in a Santa hat.

Attendees at last February’s Virtual BDSS #7 event learned how to do this.

You lose a competitive edge when you miss a Billion Dollar Seller Summit!

Block your calendar NOW on February 21 and 22, 2024 for BDSS #9. You don’t need to travel. It’s live and streamed straight to your home or office.

The speaker line-up includes:

Antonio Bindi
Jo Lambadjieva
Ben Leonard
Jana Krekic
Kharen Minasian
Jon Derkits

Kevin King
Eric Castellano & Sebastian Cwik
Mike McClary
Chelsea Cohen
Elizabeth Greene
Mels Terlouw

And the popular hack contest for a $2,500.00 cash prize.

Sponsored by Getida, PPC Ninja, Seller Basics, PixelMe and Quietlight.

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CrypToadz is a popular NFT project dating back to 2021.

  • 77K ETH ($252M+) in all-time sales, according to CryptoSlam

  • It's described as a collection of "small amphibious creatures" (which was also the nickname of my youth swim team)

Earlier this week, the bad boy below sold on OpenSea for 1,055 WETH.

That’s $1.6 million dollars to you and me. All the others around it are selling for about $800-900.

Was it a fat finger mistake? Maybe. But if so, it can’t be undone.

Even you as a 5 year-old could’ve made this pixel mess!

As a side note, per CyrptoSlam, the Bulls and Ape Project created by the founders of Helium 10 after they exited has sold $6.7 million of NFTs.


“Influence is the new currency - Ads are fast, but content lasts.”

✌🏼 Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

See you on Monday!

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