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🎉 It was 1984. I was a 16 year-old high school sophomore, and still a virgin.

I had a teenage crush on Madonna - her posters adorned my bedroom walls.

Kidd Kraddick (RIP), the soon to be world-famous DJ on The Eagle, KEGL FM 97.1 in Dallas, TX where I grew up played “Like A Virgin” it seemed like every 20 minutes.

There’s a new virgin, debuting for the very first time today. All shiny and new. Touched for the very first time.

Welcome to the debut issue of the Billion Dollar Sellers Newsletter.

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Amazon owes you money. Maybe lots of it.

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Up to 3% of your FBA Revenue can potentially

be recovered annually in reimbursements from Amazon.

  • “There’s a newer version of this item available”

  • 64.8% of all the money you make comes on the day you sell your biz

  •  🌮 FREE TACOS for Everybody (if you live in USA)

  • Doesn’t taste like the real thing

  • How to get more reviews, and get negative ones removed

💲 BILLION DOLLAR STRATEGIESwhat's working right now

Ever see the tag on a listing that says “There is a newer version of this item available?”

You can add it whenever there’s a recent upgrade to one of your items. This small change can drive significant results.

Works really well for me in my calendar business each year as the new year’s calendars come out.

All you OG’s remember the days when you had to open a support ticket or have an Amazon Strategic Account services (SAS) rep help you out with this.

Not any more.

It looks like this on most listing pages - nice and obvious

Go to Support → Product Listings → Add or remove newer model

Enter the original ASIN and the ASIN for the newer product

Now that’s what they call a “slamma jamma” where I’m from (Texas, ya’ll).


True Statement: 177 1-star reviews were just recently removed from a single seller’s account by Tracefuse.

Bad reviews are the thorn in every seller’s side. Here’s one I got back in 2020:

Some bad reviews are justified - but oftentimes the customer is just wrong.

If you are proficient with AI tools like ChatGPT, you can upload Amazon’s Community Guidelines regarding reviews, along with your bad reviews.

Then ask the AI to analyze Amazon’s rules against your reviews and spit out a written complaint to submit to Amazon.

The problem is, many of these fail. There is a magic way to write the complaint that most sellers (and their AI assistants) mess up.

That’s where Tracefuse can help. All they do is get reviews removed all day long. They know better than anyone exactly how to get them removed.

They are successful 15-20% of the time, and you only pay if they succeed.

A single negative remove sometimes can be the difference between 4 stars (a 4.2 actual rating) and 4.5 stars (a 4.3 actual rating rounded up).

If you’re a player and have at least 500 negative reviews across all of your ASINs combined, Tracefuse is your go-to source.

Use code BDSN to save $750.00

👑 ASK DA KINGquestion from newsletter skimmers like you (T. Swift - U in da house?)

Question from Susan B - Lake Charles, LA

“What’s the difference between ACOS, TACOS and ROAS?“

Answer from Da King - Austin, TX

Short Answer: Tacos are the only one of those three you can eat. 🌮

Since you asked, did you know you can get a FREE Doritos Locos Taco on Tuesdays, starting tomorrow, August 15, at Taco Bell Restaurants in 49 US states (sorry, New Jersey).

Drive-in line too long tomorrow? You can get a free one on 8/22, 8/29 and 9/5 too.

Now that you’re craving Taco Bell, in the context of selling on Amazon.com, ACOS, TACOS, and ROAS are all metrics used to measure the performance and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Here's what each term stands for and their differences:

  1. ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales): ACOS is a key metric in Amazon advertising that represents the ratio of advertising spend to the attributed sales. It's calculated using the following formula:


    ACOS = (Ad Spend / Sales - Returns/Disc) * 100


    A lower ACOS indicates that the advertising campaigns are more efficient, as a smaller portion of your sales revenue is being used to cover advertising costs. It's often expressed as a percentage.

  2. TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales): TACOS is an extended version of ACOS that considers both Amazon advertising spend and organic sales (sales made on Amazon without a click on an ad first).


    It provides a more comprehensive view of the total costs associated with generating sales through advertising and promotions.


    TACOS = (Total Advertising Cost / Sales - Returns/Discounts) * 100


  3. ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend): ROAS is a metric used to measures the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by comparing the revenue generated to the amount spent.


    It's calculated using the following formula:

    ROAS = (Revenue from Ads / Ad Spend)


    ROAS is typically expressed as a ratio, such as 2:1 (meaning you earn $2 for every $1 spent on advertising, or 200%).


    A higher ROAS indicates more efficient advertising, as you're generating more revenue for each dollar spent.

Question for da King? Submit yours here & get a free BDSN t-shirt if chosen!

🌎 STATS YOU SHOULD KNOW → know your numbers, own your destiny

Source: NocNoc (really!) Who’s there?

 🔥 PRIME PICKS → Amazon’s sandbox
  • Automation and AI are revolutionizing PPC. Google and Microsoft want advertisers to migrate to broad match, eventually phasing out phrase match and exact match for just broad match. Will Amazon follow?

  • European Amazon Sellers who registered before 2016 - approximately 15% of the total UK and European accounts (33,750 to be exact) are pissed off. On August 3, Amazon extended a policy newer sellers know too well: no payouts until seven days after the delivery of their products, to ensure Amazon has funds for returns and claims.

  • Through the end of July, Amazon.com says it has delivered 1.8 billion packages in one day or less so far this year - 4X the amount in 2019. How? Amazon switched from a “hub & spoke” system to one that divides the USA into eight regions, cutting costs and boosting delivery speed.

💰 SPARE CHANGE immediate impact tips
  • Since Elon took over X (the artist formally known as Twitter), the algorithm is open source. My uncle Bob read all the nerdy mumbo jumbo and he said you need to know this: “Replies are HUGE for reach in social media. 1 reply is worth 13.5 retweets & 27 likes.” Don’t write to your readers - involve them.

  • If you don’t know what CM 1, 2 & 3 are, you’re burning cash in your business (hint: CM doesn’t stand for China Magic). Dan & Justin from the Titan Network say the biggest mistake sellers make (and many ‘gurus’ too) on the P&L: calculating TACOS on Gross Sales rather than Net Sales.

  • True Story: James Baby Care Co. sells a baby product on Amazon. For three years they had been importing from China based on a tariff code their factory said is the best one - 6309.90.98.35. But a few weeks ago they decided to get a free audit on their import duty classifications from the guys over at Tariff Terminator. 🏭


    Turns out the code was for National Flags! They should be under the "baby carriage" category. The difference is 4.4% duty instead of the 14.5% they’d been paying. The value of their imports is $950,000 annually. Just by switching to the correct category, they made an extra $95,000 per year in profit (and a whopping extra $285,000 if they sell the company for a 3x multiple one day).

🛠️ FEATURED TOOLS and RESOURCES → all the kool kids use these

  • Using unsexy flat files to manage your listings can be downright scary. Make one goof, and there goes the rent. This awesome and easy-to-understand free PDF guide on flat files from Vanessa will make you a “flat file magician” in no time. And for those of you using legacy bulk sheets for your PPC, remember they will be deprecated on September 28.

  • See if there is a big meet-up or an in-person Amazon seller event happening near you. Augustus and his gang (he really is 6’5” tall - 194cm) keeps the most up-to-date comprehensive list in the world.

  • Now we’re cooking with gas. This free AI assistant will answer any question you have about selling on Amazon, Etsy or eBay. I asked it “How do I get more reviews on Amazon” and it laid out a plan 😀

 🎧 LISTEN UP - Latest episode of the AM/PM Podcast 🚗 ✈️ 🏋🏽

Time to Start Thinking About Exiting Right NOW – Here’s $$$$$$$ Why

Exit should be on everybody’s mind. It’s a simple fact: more than 50% of the money you ever put into your pocket comes when you sell your business!

Scott & Kevin discuss the importance of planning exits from the start of your selling journey, understanding valuation metrics, timing for business sales, hiring brokers, and an upcoming event in October called the Billion Dollar Exit Summit.


🛒  MONEY NEVER SLEEPS → real products … real sales … real reviews

Every time I scroll through Brand Analytics and Opportunity Explorer doing research, I can’t believe some of the things I stumble across and how many people are actually searching for them on Amazon.

This is for those that don’t like the taste of the real thing.

Looks like there is not any User Generated Content on the listing yet, 😂 so it only gets a listing health score of 8.56 from Helium 10.

Tell us about a crazy or funny listing you have stumbled on.


“People that are doing well don’t dip into the excuses bin. Instead they have reasons.”

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