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72% of desktop shoppers abandon their shopping carts. What’s the shopping cart abandonment percentage on mobile devices?

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Of course some customers are using AI now to write their reviews!

Welcome Tim Jordan to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Every Thursday I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know in our industry. They are announced in no particular order.

Tim Jordan is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

It was March 14, 2018, and the annual Prosper Show in Las Vegas was in full swing.

Little did Tim know, it was a night that would change his life and his trajectory in the Amazon selling space.

Tim had been selling on Amazon for a bit, but really didn’t know a lot of people in the industry. He was also struggling financially to grow (as most new sellers do) and knew he needed to make some serious connections or he was done for.

So he called the exclusive Omnia nightclub at Caesar’s Palace and told them he needed a private table with bottle service for that night’s DJ.

The night that changed Tim’s life in the Amazon industry

Prices started at $10,000 and went up from there. A single standard-size bottle of vodka costs $650. mandatory service charges and tips add another 40%.

He figured what the hell. Max out his credit cards and invite some of the biggest players he could find at the show. It was Vegas and he was all in. Go big or go bust.

He invited people like Manny Coats and Guillermo of Helium 10, Jeff Cohen (now of Amazon and then of Seller Labs), Norm Farrar and several other top players. I was friends with Manny, so he invited me to tag along.

When I showed up, Tim asked someone “who the F’ is this guy?” You see, the group in his booth was important to him to network with - no freeloaders allowed. And he did not know me yet and I was not strategically invited by him.

Tim ended up spending over $22K. He won big that night in Vegas. He turned struggles as a seller into success across multiple facets of the industry by building the right circle. This is why you MUST get out to events to maximize success.

He meet and became friends with people who helped change his life during a dark time he was going through personally. But Tim being Tim, he is now on a mission to change as many Amazon sellers lives’ as possible.

He has exited several brands as an actual seller, led sourcing trips to Mexico and China, held free masterminds, started and sold a 3PL, co-created the top rated Project X for Helium 10, spoke on stages all over the world, done a stint as AM/PM podcast host, and has now become one of the top executives at Carbon 6.

Helping others is in his DNA. He was a paramedic before starting his Amazon journey. When earthquakes rocked Haiti in 2010, he immediately flew down to volunteer to treat the injured.

One time he witnessed a horrific motor accident on the freeway. He pulled over and started organizing triage to save as many lives as possible before help arrived.

His father always told him he would amount to nothing. Well, to a lot of people, in this industry and out, his work, friendship and generosity means everything.

Tim has an inspirational story to tell that will move you to tears.

He plans to share that story like he never has before at BDSS Level Up in Hawaii May 23-26. You likely will become a better human (and successful entrepreneur) after you hear it. You likely will come away respecting him even more.

Tim keeps his personal life private separate from business. But for the very first time, his beautiful wife and one of the strongest and most courageous human beings you will ever meet will be joining him at an e-com event.

Deservedly, please welcome Mr. Jordan to the Billion Dollar Dream 100.


Mark your calendars and block out two days for intensive learning and actionable tactics enabling you to 2, 3 or even 5X your business.

The Virtual Billion Dollar Seller Summit is happening Feb 21-22, 2024.

Virtual tickets will go on sale in mid-January with the debut of a brand new Billion Dollar Seller website.

It runs from 10am ET to 8pm ET over the two days.

All presentations, Q&A, a hack contest and networking is 100% live. It is not pre-recorded and we don’t use Zoom. We host the event with special conferencing software that makes it much more interactive with breakout rooms and stages.

14 top notch speakers are competing for a $5,000 cash prize to be the winner. Plus, the winner gets an automatic speaking spot at BDSS 10 in Hawaii in May.


  • Antonio Bindi

  • Jo Lambadjieva

  • Ben Leonard

  • Jana Krekic

  • Kaaren Minasian

  • Jon Derkits

  • Bradley Sutton

  • Eric Castellano & Sebastian Cwik

  • Mike McClary

  • Chelsea Cohen

  • Elizabeth Greene

  • Mark Casey

  • Eve Chen

  • Elizabeth Adeoye

plus a special keynote from Kevin King and a $2,500 cash prize hacks contest



There are few better examples that exemplify the word “brand” than Apple.

Analyzing Apple's copywriting style offers invaluable insights into crafting effective and impactful marketing content. Apple's approach to copywriting is not just about selling a product; it's about creating an experience that resonates.

The key to Apple’s success lies in their ability to communicate complex ideas in a manner that is both engaging and easy to understand. This is achieved through a combination of focused messaging, clear language, and creative presentation.

Apple's copywriting strategy is underpinned by several principles that can be universally applied to improve the effectiveness of your marketing content on Amazon and beyond.

You can create copy that not only informs but also connects with your audience on a deeper level.

Here are 16 tips that encapsulate Apple's copywriting approach:

  1. Don’t sell multiple ideas: Focus on a single idea in each headline to maintain clarity.

  2. Write for scanners: Use big headlines and an inverted pyramid structure in paragraphs.

  3. Make it short to make it simple: Employ short paragraphs, sentences, and simple words.

  4. Present features as solutions: Frame product features as solutions to consumer problems.

  5. Use analogies to fuel the imagination: Analogies make complex ideas more relatable.

  6. Address objections: Proactively tackle potential customer hesitations in your copy.

  7. Compare to upsell: Use comparisons to highlight the superiority of upgraded options.

  8. Use words that hold power: Utilize powerful words like “You” and “Your” for a personal touch.

  9. Say more with less: Convey ideas succinctly yet impactfully.

  10. Repeat to make concrete: Emphasize key points through repetition.

  11. Use contrast: Employ contrast to enhance and complement ideas.

  12. Alliterate to resonate: Alliteration makes the copy more memorable.

  13. Write the sound bite: Create copy that is easily quotable and memorable.

  14. Don’t deny your personality: Infuse your unique personality into your copy.

  15. Break patterns to break boredom: Use pattern interruptions to capture attention.

  16. Rhyme: Rhyming simplifies processing and aids memorability.


One of the top questions I get in my Freedom Ticket course is who is a good 3PL to use. Now there is a solution to help everyone with Fulfill, a fulfillment and warehousing match making service.

If you use them, just be sure to not use any corny lines, like “"Do you believe in love at first delivery?” or “Should I pass through your sorting facility again?"

Fulfill makes it efficient for you to find the best fulfillment centers. With pre-vetted 3PLs and hand-matching from logistics experts, you will likely find the ideal fulfillment center to help you scale better.

They can help you in the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and beyond.


Based on recent revelations regarding Amazon's data vulnerabilities, it's apparent that the e-commerce giant is grappling with several challenges to secure its platform against internal and external threats.

The situation is complex, with multiple facets highlighting the extent and implications of data breaches and exploitation.

A considerable amount of attention has been directed towards Amazon's data vulnerabilities, with recent investigations exposing several loopholes in the tech giant's data protection systems.

The core issues stem from both internal and external actors exploiting these vulnerabilities for various (mostly financial) gains. Internally, some Amazon employees have been found to access and sell confidential data or steal from return and refund scams. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of robust identity verification measures.

Externally, third-party sellers and other bad actors have weaponized this data to gain an unfair competitive edge in the marketplace, manipulate system algorithms, and undermine the platform's integrity.

The nature of data held by Amazon is extensive, encompassing detailed seller and buyer interactions on the platform. My personal history goes back to 1999 and is 148 pages long (you can request it from Amazon).

The granular level of this data, which includes every keystroke made by sellers and buyers, presents a goldmine for malicious actors.

When accessed illegitimately, this data can provide insights that can be exploited to manipulate product rankings, reviews, and even the platform's search algorithms, thereby distorting the marketplace's competitive landscape.

Furthermore, the illicit sale of Amazon data in black markets, and its exploitation by third-party sellers, has created a thriving ecosystem of black hat operations.

Services like "Amazon Magic" have emerged, offering backdoors to unscrupulous sellers looking to game the system. The situation is worsened by the existence of Telegram groups where Amazon employees leak confidential data for a fee, highlighting a significant challenge for Amazon in policing its vast marketplace.

Some key issues Amazon faces:

  • Data Vulnerabilities:

    • Amazon's internal systems are susceptible to data breaches with employees accessing and selling confidential data.

    • Amazon holds detailed data on both sellers and consumers, which when accessed illegitimately, can be exploited for unfair competitive advantage​.

  • Third-party Exploitation:

    • Bad actors utilize the stolen data to manipulate search results, reviews, and product rankings, jeopardizing genuine sellers and consumers.

    • Services like "Amazon Magic" and black hat brokers provide a conduit for third-party sellers to exploit the systems.

  • Black Hat Brokers:

    • The black market for Amazon data is thriving, with illicit data brokers selling stolen data, undermining the platform's integrity.

  • Telegram's Role:

    • Telegram groups have emerged as hotspots where Amazon employees leak confidential data for a fee, further contributing to the problem.

  • Marketplace Challenges:

    • Amazon faces an uphill battle against counterfeiters, spammers, and the proliferation of black hat service providers.

  • Amazon's Data Depth:

    • The extensive nature of Amazon's data on sellers and buyers raises privacy concerns.

  • Manipulating the System:

    • The manipulation of Amazon's system algorithms, such as search and review rankings, presents a significant challenge, with bad actors employing various tactics to distort the marketplace dynamics​​.

  • Identity Verification Shortcomings:

    • Amazon's seller identity verification processes have been found to be insufficient in weeding out bad actors, with some able to bypass these measures through bribes or exploiting loopholes in the system​​.

Amazon faces monumental challenges in securing its platform, protecting its vast array of data, and ensuring a fair marketplace for both sellers and consumers.

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