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Welcome Matt Clark to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Every Thursday I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know in our industry. They are announced in no particular order.

Matt Clark is todays inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

Most of you reading this can thank Matt Clark for giving you the opportunity to sell on Amazon, even if you have never heard of him or Amazing.com.

Matt is responsible for creating thousands of millionaires and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He popularized and created the very first course on how to leverage Amazon to create a business back in 2011.

Matt found his calling during his sophomore year of college in Houston, Texas when he read The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield.

After college in 2008, he briefly worked in investment banking before launching a website selling supplements. Amazon had recently opened its platform to third party sellers, so he figured why not sell them there too.

He was shocked at how his sales exploded, far surpassing his own websites volume. He quickly hit $2 million dollars in sales, but was having cash flow issues. So he attended a Tony Robbins Business Mastery event, and that changed everything for him.

At the event he met Canadian serial entrepreneur and affiliate marketer extraordinaire Jason Katzenbeck. They decided to build a business showing others how to leverage Amazon to make sales while avoiding the mistakes Matt initially made.

They created what would later become Amazing Selling Machine, or Amazing.com, and help more than 35,000 entrepreneurs start their journey to financial freedom. They weathered a few setbacks: Jasons daughter and wife got cancer and a pivot to a monthly business membership school didnt work as expected.

But along the way they built a strong community of entrepreneurs, hosted events (Sellercon) with upwards of 3,000 attending at its peak, and created tools and resources to help sellers succeed.

Not one to really get out to other events, the Prosper Show in March 2023 was one of the first Amazon events that was not his own Matt ever attended. I remember walking up to him and his current partner Mike McClary in the exhibit hall full of vendors and saying, Look at this industry you created.

Ive been to every Sellercon since 2016, but I never paid for the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course. However, after watching a series of promotional videos and a webinar for ASM 4 in 2015, I personally decided to pivot from selling 1P on Amazon to 3P.

Thanks Matt for that! For me and tens of thousands of others, it changed everything.


Nate McAllister has been involved in the Amazon FBA space since 2014. He says while most sellers are reputable, three in particular stand out to him as the ones who have gotten into the most legal trouble.

All of them have not yet had their day in court, but the public charges against them are no joke.

In a recent article Nate discusses three individuals from the Amazon FBA community who have been involved in significant legal issues. It's important to note that at the time of writing, these individuals have not been convicted and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  1. Ryan Nichols Involved in the January 6th Insurrection: Nichols faces multiple charges, including conspiracy, unlawful entry with a dangerous weapon and assault on a federal officer.

    McCallister had met Nichols at an Amazon conference and was surprised to see him involved in the Capitol attack. Nichols was active on social media, promoting violence, and has been in prison awaiting trial since January 18, 2021.

    Previously, Nichols had appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show for his rescue efforts during Texas floods.

  2. Avraham Eisenberg Accused of Crypto Fraud and Child Pornography: Eisenberg faces charges related to commodities fraud, commodities manipulation, and wire fraud.

    McCallister had worked with him on an Amazon software project but found him difficult to work with. Eisenberg later moved into the cryptocurrency sphere, gaining a significant following.

    He was involved in a scheme that drained over $100 million from a crypto protocol's treasury. Additionally, child pornography was found on his phone during investigations.

  3. Brett Bartlett Ran a Ponzi Scheme: Bartlett is charged with fraudulent securities offerings. He used his brand, Dynasty Toys, to attract investments from Amazon sellers, promising high returns.

    The scheme involved using money from new investors to pay old investors. Bartlett's scheme was endorsed by prominent figures in the community, leveraging religious faith as a character proof.

McCallister expresses doubt these will be the last alleged criminals he encounters in the Amazon world.


The receipt of two unsolicited Amazon packages sparks an investigation into the reliability of Amazon reviews and the discovery of brushing scams. 

The use of AI in generating fake reviews exacerbates this problem, making it challenging to discern genuine feedback. The reliability of tools designed to detect fake reviews, such as FakeSpot and ReviewMeta is also questioned.

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Confidence breeds success. Success breeds confidence. Confidence applied properly surpasses genius.

Mike Tyson

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