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🔔 ON ALERT → The FTC is expected to formally file its long-awaited antitrust case against Amazon as soon as tomorrow. 

Amazon is expected to be accused of buying competitors to thwart competition and abusing third-party sellers on its platform, among other allegations. 


In 2009, Jeff Bezos said: "Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service.

In a u-turn, Amazon is now the biggest advertiser in history.

How much did Amazon spend in advertising in 2022?

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what you need to know to make moolah

Have you ever wanted to get your products featured on Good Morning America, in TIME Magazine, the NY Times, Reuters or Mashable? It could happen for free just by answering Help A Reporter Out (HARO) requests.

A lot of TV shows and publications publish Gift Guides during the holidays that can explode your sales. They are looking for product ideas and are too lazy to go hunt them down themselves. So they use shortcuts like HARO.

HARO gets exposure for your brand and journalists get content, a win-win for everyone. I have used HARO to great success with several of my products.


  1. Christmas $602 billion

  2. Mother’s Day $20 billion

  3. Valentine’s Day $18 billion

  4. Easter $17 billion

  5. Father’s Day $12 billion

Other big gifting occasions:
birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, graduation and house warming

HARO is a tool that connects journalists with expert sources. It enables you to connect with blogs and written and broadcast press you may not normally have access to by providing product solutions, tips, stories and expertise.

Best of all, for most sellers, all you need is the free version.

HARO sends out journalist requests three times per day by email: in the am, at noon and in the pm (you choose the categories most relevant to your products).

It can be time consuming to go through all the requests and respond to them. Most queries aren’t relevant to you, but the ones that are can be gold.

Once a query is distributed, the HARO reporters are flooded with emails from experts interested in contributing to the story. Answering quickly to a request is key for getting the attention from the journalists and getting published.

You can have a VA weed though the emails. Or better yet, train your own machine learning text analyzer tool with AI software or a tool like Monkey Learn. It can read all the requests and determine what is relevant and not relevant for you then tie it into Zapier automations to send you notifications when new opportunities come up.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for non-technical folks on how to do this.

BONUS: Two more tools for connecting with journalists:

JustReachOut.io - reach out to journalists directly
Spy.org - find professional journalists to create articles

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Last month only 47,000 people worldwide traded NFTs

The chart above from the Milk Road newsletter shows just how bad the NFT market has gotten. Last month only 47,000 people worldwide traded NFTs.

A lot of Amazon sellers starting dabbling in collectible digital NFTs in late 2021 when they were at their peak ($4 billion in monthly sales in early 2022). While the underlying technology is sound, and still has a lot of potential and incredible uses, the days of speculation appear to be behind us.

I am still using the technology in one of my companies to create loyalty, awesome customer experiences and membership gating, but have never wanted to build something around the “get rich quick” aspect of it.

One of the few that remain standing in the NFT space is the Bulls and Apes Project, originally started by Helium 10 founders Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol (they stepped back and it is now managed by their team).

Like most NFT projects, BAP is down in the bear market (but nowhere close to $0). I personally have made a bit of money and had some fun with the gamification. But the main perk is the utility the project provides.

By being an owner of one of the Bulls or Apes, you get access to some incredible mainstream early stage investment deals not available to most investors (Space X for example). This could return a handsome profit if just one becomes the next Uber or Nividia. My retirement fund is crossing its fingers.

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Make the process smoother and get much better attribution by deep linking across apps in your social media marketing.

Deep linking refers to the practice of directing a user to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, location within a website or app, rather than its homepage or main entry page.

When a user clicks a link to your product it doesn’t always open the marketplace app, but instead opens a browser requiring them to log in. Attribution is often lost too.

Deep linking removes friction in the customer journey when linking app-to-app. Shoppers can click out of social media apps smoothly into marketplace apps like Amazon and Walmart to instantly purchase.

If the user doesn’t have the necessary app installed, you can set up a fallback tracking url with UTM parameters.

To do this, you need a tool like URL Genius, which is the only patented solution for solving app-to-app friction without a SDK.



Game changer makes ranking extremely easy

Guaranteed to improve your rank, optimize ROAS and 3x Google campaigns on qualified listings in 60 days or less, or your money back!

Uses deep linking + retargeting pixels — few tools or external links do

Can even “revive” dead listings - works now for US marketplace

Brilliantly optimizes campaigns for conversion automatically in a super sophisticated way with little effort:

1) copy canonical url and add to dashboard

2) add keywords and competitive ASINs you know

3) set up external campaigns within the simple dashboard

4) OPTIONAL: use integrated Chat GPT to brainstorm / suggest

Real Examples:


→ Amazon’s sandbox


How would you like $1,400 a day in incremental revenue at a 10% ACOS by retargeting your abandoned carts on Amazon?

Keith O-Brien, the CEO of Page.One outlined how to do this in a recent Linkedin post.

He used Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions, a nifty new tool that allows you to show targeted discounts to a variety of shoppers in nine different audience types, categorized by potential or current customers.

The discount shows in the search results as well as on the detail pages. It’s fairly predominant, getting plenty of attention.

You can find it under the Advertising → Brand Tailored Promotions tab, then click on "Create A Tailored Promotion" and choose a brand.

Check out Keith’s post for more details on the testing he did.


No need for a wallet anymore.

Amazon has introduced a payment method that reads your palm for transactions, venue access, age verification, and more.

Amazon One lets you pay with just your palm

Called Amazon One, the technology blends AI, advanced biometrics, and optical mechanisms. Amazon says its accuracy surpasses dual-iris eye scans.

After scanning, it registers your palm signature and links it to either your credit card or Amazon profile.

Amazon One is launching in over 500 Whole Foods Markets and numerous other retailers, stadiums, grocery shops, and entertainment locales.

 immediate impact tips


The rise of influencer marketing, valued at $21.1 billion in 2023, up from $16.4 billion in 2022, will play a significant role in driving sales this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM).

The 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales records were astonishing, with Black Friday online sales hitting $9.12 billion and Cyber Monday reaching $11.3 billion. Prime Day this past July did $12.9 billion.

Your key strategies to capitalize on BFCM should involve partnerships with influencers across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Action Items to Get BFCM Ready:

  • Partner with influencers to enhance brand awareness before BFCM.

  • Collaborate with influencers outside your brand's direct category.

  • Use micro-influencers for potentially higher engagement at lower costs.

  • Utilize influencers for product review campaigns to provide social proof.

  • Organize unboxing campaigns with influencers.

  • Generate informative, non-promotional content alongside influencers.

  • Introduce new TikTok challenges associated with your brand.

  • Repurpose influencer content across various marketing channels.

  • Address negative reviews promptly and empathetically.

  • Start planning and launching BFCM influencer campaigns early.


Deepfakes of Chinese influencers are live streaming 24/7 and generating billions of dollars in sales. With just a few minutes of sample video and $1,000 in production costs, brands never have to stop selling their products.

AI influencers live stream 24/7 and generate billions in sales

  • Background: In the early hours on Taobao, China's leading e-commerce platform, there are many livestreamers showcasing products. However, upon closer inspection, many of these appear slightly robotic. These are AI-generated clones of real streamers, which have grown increasingly popular across China's e-commerce streaming platforms.

  • Growth of Livestreaming: Livestreaming has become the primary e-commerce marketing channel in China. Top influencers on platforms like Taobao and Douyin (Chinese TikTok) can generate billions in sales in a single night. For smaller brands, the expenses associated with training, maintaining, and technical details of livestreaming are significant, making automation an attractive option.

  • Rise of Deepfakes in E-commerce: Numerous Chinese startups and tech giants have provided deepfake avatars for e-commerce live streaming since 2022. Brands can now clone a human streamer for continuous streaming with just a brief sample video and around $1,000.

  • Evolution of the Technology: Silicon Intelligence, a startup founded in 2017, has rapidly advanced the deepfake technology. Initially requiring 30 minutes of video to create a clone, they now only need one minute. The cost has also reduced, with a basic AI clone costing about 8,000 RMB ($1,100). The fee includes a year's maintenance.

  • Capabilities of the AI Streamers: These AI clones can move their mouths and bodies synchronously with scripted audio. Large language models can now generate these scripts, requiring minimal human intervention. Advanced versions can also interact with live comments, and adjust marketing strategies based on viewership.

  • Role of Xiaoice: Xiaoice, spun off from Microsoft in 2020, creates human-like AI avatars. They emphasize the emotional connection in live streaming and have recently launched their affordable digital clone service.

  • Market Response: These AI-generated streamers might not replace top influencers but can substitute for mid-tier ones. The average salary for livestream hosts in China has decreased by 20% from 2022. Brands are exploring this technology to improve efficiency, especially during non-peak hours.

  • Drawbacks and Concerns: While AI streamers can interact verbally and gesture-wise, they can't physically demonstrate products, like sitting on furniture.

  • Future of Silicon Intelligence: The company aims to infuse "emotional intelligence" into its AI streamers, allowing them to react to comments and sales metrics. They also plan to enable AI streamers to learn from one another. Their ambitious goal is to produce "100 million silicon-based laborers" by 2025, with 400,000 already generated.

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