Chinese infringers - you don't have to take it anymore

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Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) is free to use. But they make bank on ads. What is Meta’s average revenue per user?

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🇨🇳  CHINESE INFRINGERSYou Don’t Have to Take It Anymore

Despite American tech giants' public efforts to distance themselves from China, they're economically entangled.

While companies like Meta and Amazon have made disclosures about their significant revenue from China, efforts to shift manufacturing from China to countries like India and Vietnam have not diminished the overall dependency.

This situation is further complicated by political pressures and the strategic importance of Chinese markets and supply chains, underscoring the intricate and enduring relationship between American tech and China.

Amazon recently publicly acknowledged its significant reliance on Chinese sellers within its marketplace, a move that underscores the deepening ties between American retail and Chinese manufacturing and e-commerce.

Nearly half of Amazon's top U.S. sellers are based in China, a figure that has steadily increased since 2016.

Some of them do not play fair, and those that do are often granted “white hat” advantages Western sellers are not privy of, as Eve Chen will point out this week in her presentation at the Virtual BDSS event.

The growing presence of Chinese sellers across Amazon's international marketplaces signals a shift in global retail dynamics, where Chinese factories are increasingly bypassing traditional retailers to sell directly to Western consumers through platforms like Amazon, Shein and Temu.

BDSS Dream 100 member Paul Rafelson is the founding attorney of Rafelson Law, PLLC. The firm is dedicated to serving the needs of eCommerce Companies.

In a informative piece he prepared exclusively for BDSN subscribers, he outlines the challenges Amazon sellers face due to intellectual property (IP) infringement by overseas competitors, particularly from China, and the legal avenues available to combat these issues.

He highlights the limitations of Amazon's internal mechanisms, such as the brand registry and APEX program, in effectively protecting sellers' IP rights, pointing out the inadequacies in dealing with copyright and patent infringements

Rafelson discusses the process and potential outcomes of pursuing legal action, including obtaining court orders that compel platforms like Amazon to remove infringing listings and freeze funds related to product sales.

Rafelson notes the positive temperament of courts towards protecting IP rights against overseas infringers and the non-adversarial stance of Amazon when faced with court orders.

The costs associated with litigation are acknowledged, with contingency-based approaches suggested as a means to mitigate financial risks for sellers.



The unveiling of OpenAI's Sora last week represents a monumental shift in the digital landscape, particularly for online sellers and content creators.

This innovative AI tool, capable of generating videos from simple text prompts, is set to redefine the boundaries of visual content creation.

Sora, named after the Japanese word for "sky," symbolizes the vast creative potential it brings to the table. With the ability to produce videos up to 60 seconds in length, Sora significantly surpasses the capabilities of existing AI video generators, which are limited to producing shorter, less detailed clips.

This leap forward enables the creation of content that is not only longer but also of a higher quality, akin to what one might expect from a Hollywood production. Sora's capabilities extend far beyond those of its predecessors and competitors, such as Google's Lumiere and the newer Gemini 1.5 Pro model.

The implications for e-commerce are profound. Sellers can now craft detailed and immersive product videos, narrative advertisements, and engaging content with an ease and speed previously unimaginable.

The realism of the videos generated by Sora makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is AI-generated, posing risks not only in the realm of e-commerce but across the digital information ecosystem.

Recognizing these dangers, OpenAI has embarked on a "red teaming" process with Sora, engaging academics and researchers to identify and mitigate potential misuse of the technology before public release.

The potential benefits of Sora for e-commerce and beyond are undeniable in opening up new avenues for creativity and innovation in online marketing and content creation.

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Ready to launch your sales into the stratosphere?
Less than 10% of tickets remain - you still have time!

Replays also available if you can’t make it all live.


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Last week the biggest NFT sale so far in 2024 happened.

An NFT sold for 279 ETH (that’s $739,000 to you & me).

It wasn’t an ape, dog, penguin, kitty cat or a punk.

It was a ROCK.

Yep, a f*cking digital rock just sold for the price of a mansion in Mississippi.

The NFT was created in 2017 as the digital version of the physical collectible Pet Rock (over 1.5 million sold in 1976).

Lucky for the buyer, only 100 Ether Rocks were minted as one of the first NFT projects to debut on Ethereum.



Bold Bet: Sam Altman believes that 1-person billion-dollar companies are inevitable thanks to AI, and mentions that his group chat of CEOs has a betting pool for when these companies will emerge.

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