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Temu & Shein combined ship about 9,000 metric tons of air cargo worldwide every day. Alibaba ships 1,000 tons and TikTok 800 tons.

How many equivalent Boeing 777 freighters does this fill every day?

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It’s that time. Everybody is talking about getting ready for Prime Day next week.

So here is a collection of some good stuff that matters for you as a seller.

  • TIKTOK “Deals for You Days” starts July 9

  • “Walmart Deals” starts today, July 8 through the 11th

  • Best Buy’s “Black Friday in July” runs July 15-17

  • Target’s “Circle Week” started yesterday through July 13

  • Amazon “Prime Day” is July 16 and 17

Google Trends for the 2 Prime Days last year

BDS Dream 100 member Mansour Norouzi reveals new Prime Day keyword bidding options:

  • Haider Ali reminds us of the facts of how well Prime Day did in 2023

  • Remember Amazon temporarily doubles maximum bid adjustments to 100% for Prime Day. Normally, a $1 bid could increase up to $1.50. During Prime Day, it could increase up to $2.

  • Jon Derkits reminds everyone to check their maximum order quantity settings in Seller Central to keep blackhatters from using declined credit cards to tie up your stock with big orders!

  • Feedvisor has a Prime Day Forecast report with Holiday sprinkles

  • Carrie Miller from Helium 10 made a free Prime Day checklist too

  • Ritz Momentum reminds you to launch abandoned cart campaigns before and after Prime Day to capture lost sales!

John Shea explains the Prime Day middle finger (below). He also ponders whether you should advertise or discount this Prime Day. He says one is much more impactful than the other.

Last but not least, here is the SFR data from last week for Prime Day specific keywords already trending.

To read it, enlarge or copy to your desktop and open file



According to Marketplace Pulse, below are the top 5 e-commerce marketplaces in the United States. Note that Walmart will make over $100 billion in e-commerce sales this year (which puts it second in volume).

However, only about $10 billion of that $100 billion is from third party sellers. That means it’s wide open for you and much less competitive right now.

TikTok Shop dominates on social, Temu is currently exclusively for Chinese sellers (changes coming) and eBay focuses primarily on used crap.

It’s the perfect time to set up shop on Walmart to test it out.

And if you want to make shipping better for your new Walmart customers?

Walmart Fulfillment Services can help.

Sellers and customers both love that Walmart Fulfillment Services provides cost-effective 2-day shipping, even for big and multi-box shipments.  

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Being vague about your customer is a death sentence on Amazon.

When you nail down your customer persona, magic happens. Margins soar and conversion rates increase. When you’re vague about who is your customer, and let anyone with a pulse be a customer, problems are right around the corner.

Creating your ideal customer persona (ICP) is most effective when grounded in solid customer research.

One of the best ways to achieve this? Analyzing your comments and reviews.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Export Your Social Media Comments

Gather all comments from your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and any other social media platforms. You can either use a third-party app to download them or manually record all feedback.

For Facebook, you can export comments via the Accounts Center. If you want to download comments and reviews from TikTok, X, Youtube, Reddit and more, try Export Comments (first 100 are free, after that a small charge).

Step 2: Export Your Reviews

Collect reviews from your Shopify website, Amazon products (use a tool like Voc.ai which is best for Amazon sellers) and third-party platforms like Trustpilot.

Step 3: Analyze with Chat GPT or Claude

Use prompts similar to these to analyze your data:

  • "Analyze the sentiment of these Instagram comments to identify overall customer sentiment towards our latest product launch."

  • "Determine the ratio of positive to negative sentiments in this set of customer reviews."

  • "Identify recurring themes or keywords in these comments that indicate customer preferences or common issues."

No Feedback or Reviews Yet? No Problem

If your brand or product lacks feedback. comments or reviews, analyze your competitors' comments and reviews using the same steps. Identify the angles, features, and needs they aren't addressing—that's your opportunity to make your copywriting and images more effective targeting the right pain-points and differentiation.

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Izabella Ritz featured this nifty trick in her Ecom Product Finders newsletter last week and it’s worth repeating here since most of you probably missed it.

Title density is one of the major indicators of your potential success when you are choosing your main keyword for launch.

Let’s say your product is a margarita tumbler. How would you find which keyword you should use as the primary one to sell more and be indexed on page one faster to get momentum (no pun intended)?

  1. Analyze your competitors using Cerebro.

  2. Use the filters as shown in the screenshot below (word count 2, min 1,000 searches and add max 5 in title density).

  3. Look for the search terms with a decent value (min 1,000) and low title density in the results. This means you don’t have a lot of competitors using that keyword in the title. Try using it and ranking should be faster.



Alibaba has announced a new sourcing guarantee and is back for the second year in Las Vegas for its flagship USA event, CoCreate.

Alibaba Guaranteed was soft launched in March and is now rolling out. It is a new service that aims to lower the barrier to entry for users to source and eventually launch new products.

It allows you to find products at fixed prices with low order minimums and a guaranteed delivery date. The purpose is to avoid potentially lengthy supplier negotiations and heavy spending on new products.

It also makes it easier for sellers to “test the waters” on new product ideas with just 3-5 pieces, then move on to more customized and bigger orders if successful.

Products in the Alibaba Guaranteed category are required to be shipped within three to seven days, with fulfillment handled by Alibaba. Orders are currently eligible for shipping to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Over 1,300 attendees are expected at Alibaba Create September 5-6 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. I went to the first one last year and it was a pretty big production with lots of good networking.

With a couple of the ticket options, Alibaba covers two nights of your hotel, lunch and gives you a $100 Alibaba sourcing credit, basically making your attendance free!

There are dozens of speakers you probably have never heard before, as well as some you know, like Tim Jordan, Mike McClary, Brandon Young, Steven Selikoff and Carlos Alvarez.

If you want to go, Alibaba graciously has given BDSN readers an extra 20% off premium and VIP tickets (10% on regular) with code BDSN.

Check out all the details here.


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