☠️ Hijackers Be Gone

💑 "Why you will marry the wrong person.”

That’s the title of a book I saw on the hotel counter as I checked in to the citizenM Tower of London hotel back in May.

Serendipitous - or destiny?

I was in the UK to attend Danny McMillan’s Seller Sessions Live.

I had also just filed for divorce three weeks earlier.

Over 5 1/2 years of marriage there were some incredible times together I’ll never forget ( ex: World Cup Final in Qatar and proposal in the Maldives ).

I have no regrets - she made me a much better human being.

When we were dating, she once said “I’m just fixing you for the next woman.”

Serendipitous - or destiny?

As an entrepreneur, have you ever heard of the Four Burners theory?

The 4 “stove” burners are: Family, Work, Friends & Health.

You have to turn off 1 to do something well.

To do something extremely well, you have to turn off 2. Think about it.

Life, like your business, can be a rollercoaster.

I wish her all the best.

Frank Kafka once said, “Everything you love with probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way.”

Colombia will always have a special place in my heart [ wiping tears ].


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  • 🏆 This week’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100

  • ☠️ Get rid of those pesky hijackers on your listing

  • 💸 Take control of your PPC with the STIN template

  • 🎙️ The best Amazon seller podcasts to listen to

  • 🇨🇴 The only risk is wanting to stay

Jon Derkits is an 8-figure seller and ex-Amazonian. He was the head of the consumer electronics FBA marketplace for 3 years. 

Jon says he’s learned 10x more about operating an Amazon FBA business from podcasts than he did working inside Amazon.

He recently ranked the top 10 podcasts that’ll make you a better operator.

Welcome Steven Black to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Steven Black is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

Steven is a content madman and 8-figure e-commerce seller.

His speciality is buyer psychology and social media marketing. He’s a samurai master at building off-Amazon audiences to launch products.

You can often find him providing valuable insights in his Unstoppable FBA Facebook group.

His AM/PM Podcast is a masterclass in marketing and community building. If you haven’t listened to it, add it to your playlist now.



Game changer makes ranking extremely easy

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Uses deep linking + retargeting pixels — few tools or external links do

Can even “revive” dead listings - works now for US marketplace

Brilliantly optimizes campaigns for conversion automatically in a super sophisticated way with little effort:

1) copy canonical url and add to dashboard

2) add keywords and competitive ASINs you know

3) set up external campaigns within the simple dashboard

4) OPTIONAL: use integrated Chat GPT to brainstorm / suggest

Real Examples:


💰 BILLION DOLLAR SELLER TIP do this, make more moolah


A hijacker of an Amazon listing refers to a third-party seller who lists their product on an existing Amazon product detail page without the authorization of the original brand owner or the legitimate seller.

Hijackers can cause several issues for both customers and legitimate sellers:

  1. Quality Control: Hijackers may offer inferior or counterfeit products, leading to a poor customer experience and damaging your reputation.

  2. Pricing Wars: Unauthorized sellers might engage in price undercutting, leading to a race to the bottom in pricing.

  3. Lost Sales: Legitimate sellers might lose sales to hijackers due to lower prices or other deceptive tactics.

  4. Loss of Brand Control: The presence of unauthorized sellers can diminish the brand's control over its products.

  5. Legal and Policy Issues: Hijacking can involve legal and policy violations, as well as intellectual property infringement.

Remember, not all resellers on your listing are hijackers. 

In the USA, the "First Sale Doctrine” allows the purchaser of a legally made copy to resell or dispose of it, without needing permission.

Someone who purchases or obtains your product legitimately has the right to sell it on Amazon on your listing.

If you are selling wholesale, you can add language to your distribution agreements to prohibit resale on Amazon.

The Amazon Transparency program is also a powerful anti-counterfeiting tool used by 33,000 Amazon sellers to stop counterfeits.

Here’s how to quickly remove hijackers from your listing yourself (only use this wisely and truthfully):

  1. Log in to your Brand Dashboard at brandregistry.amazon.com

  2. Click on ‘Report a violation

  3. Enter the ASIN for which you have the hijacker

  4. Click Search

  5. Expand ‘Show Offers’

  6. Check the hijackers listing

  7. Click ‘Select issue type’ & choose the issue (ie: product is counterfeit)

  8. Click to select the trademark that is being infringed

  9. For ‘Have you bought the item and confirmed that it is a counterfeit’, click ‘no’

For the ‘provide more information' section, use this:

“We, XYZ, own the XYZ brand and trademarks. We have never authorized any other resellers of this product, in any global market.

We only sell on Amazon. Our price has been around $XX for more than 12 months. It is not possible for this seller to be selling this product less than that on Amazon without losing money.

We have never sold our products wholesale or at a discount. This seller is listing a counterfeit product and with only a XX% positive storefront rating.

We fear he will ruin our Brand's policy to to serve our customers and put their needs first, and our XX% positive response is proof of that.”

Usually within an hour or so the guilty party is off your listing.

Submit your best tip or hack. You could win a $100.00 Visa gift card. 

🎲 AMAZON SELLER FEUD → Test yourself against your peers

BDSN polled 160 Amazon Sellers.

Take your best guess what your fellow sellers thought the answer is to the question below (not necessarily the correct answer).


Which social media platform is the best to drive outside traffic from to Amazon?

Wait a few seconds for the photo below to reveal the top answers.


🛠️ FEATURED TOOLS and RESOURCES → all the kool kids do this

Amazon advertisers know the Search Terms Impression Share Report is a vital tool to understand how shoppers interact with your products.

But it can be complex and time-consuming to analyze.

Mansour Norouzi from Incremental Digital is your knight in shining armor.

He created a free Google Sheets template he calls the STIN (Search Term Insight Navigator).

The STIN gives you …

  • Visibility: It reveals the search terms shoppers use on Amazon and your impression share rank compared to others.

  • Precise Percentages: Displays your impression share for each search term.

  • Opportunities: Spot top-performing search terms, find competitor products, uncover new customer trends, and brainstorm bundles.

  • Refined Insight: Designate negative keywords for low-performing terms and pinpoint chances to boost market share.

Watch the explanation video and download the template ( free ).

🧳 TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE → here’s looking at you kid

Simon Sinek’s best selling book, called “Start with Why” and one of the most popular Ted Talk’s of all time (62 million views) might help you get clarity if you don’t know yours. It’s important you stop and think about this.


Generally they fall into one of 8 categories:

  1. Making your mark on the world

  2. Community

  3. Family

  4. Intimacy

  5. Collecting beautiful experiences

  6. Discover / Exploration / Building / Making / Tinkering

  7. Creative expression

  8. Progress towards your ideal self

My “why” has led me to visit 94 countries and all 7 continents. I create my life and work around my why. Not my why around my business.

I hope to inspire you in your journey of business and life.

The only risk is wanting to stay

3 minutes of beautiful Colombia

I first visited Colombia in 2009 against the advise of a lot of people.

I found the people to be friendly and the culture vibrant.

I ended up meeting my (now ex) wife, learning a little Spanish and how to Salsa dance. I got married in an extravagant wedding in Cartagena, complete with six live bands and lots of whisky (see short 2 minute video below).

For those of you who know Manny Coats (co-founder of Helium 10) and Mark Daughn (BDSS head wrangler), they were both there. Remember, life is about experiences. They can never be taken away despite what happens in life.

2 minute wedding highlight video


“The people you spend time with determines who you become. Love your family, choose your peers.”

✌🏼 Thanks for for riding shotgun with me today.

See you on Monday!