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In 2009, Jeff Bezos said: "Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service.”

In 2022, Amazon became the biggest advertiser in history. How much did they spend?

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Welcome Danny McMillan to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Every Thursday I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know in our industry. They are announced in no particular order.

Danny McMillan is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

Danny is one of those “No B.S.” type of guys. He will tell it to you like it is, in both business and in life.

Prior to getting involved with the Amazon industry, Danny spent 17 years in the music industry. He had a weekly residency on the leading UK radio station KISS 100 FM, where he was a trendsetter serving up cutting edge dance tunes.

He toured the world as a DJ and together with a partner developed the DM01 MIDI Controller. Unlike a lot of MIDI DJ solutions designed by non-DJs, Danny’s controller had real club-style short throw faders and was made to endure the ravages of life on the road.

In early 2015 he began his journey on Amazon FBA, first selling his own products then later co-founding DataBrill with data scientist Dr. Ellis Whitehead to help sellers manage PPC at an affordable cost.

In 2016 Danny started a no-frills tell it like it is podcast called Seller Sessions, then added a top-notch annual live sellers conference in London every May and a Christmas party each December. In addition to Danny, the podcast also has weekly episodes hosted by Sharon Even and Adam Runquist.

Danny with Leo Sgovio spinning at BDSS 6 in 2022

During the COVID lock downs, Danny switched to a daily format and delivered a new podcast every weekday for more than a year. He also puts out regular content dispelling myths about an “A10” algorithm and explaining in detail how the A9 really works when it comes to launching and ranking products on Amazon.

Danny still loves to DJ, and you’ll often find him working the mixer at afterparties at his own events, as well as at other events like Prosper, the Southern Sellerfest and even BDSS 6 in Austin in 2022.

Welcome Danny to the BDS Dream 100!


🗜️ AMAZON using AI to F*CK with LISTINGS

In the November 20, 2023 edition of BDSN we wrote about Amazon using AI to re-write titles and listings right before BFCM ( original story here ).

The AI was making modifications, and then giving sellers notice of their suggestions and giving them a chance to review before making changes live.

Now Amazon waiting for permission has stopped. AI is making changes to listings at will and publishing them live without telling sellers, causing sales to plummet for most affected listings.

In some cases, the AI changes can even cause the listing to be non-compliant (such as adding medical keywords or claims), which results in another Amazon bot shutting down or suspending the listing.

But it gets worse. Because Amazon themselves made the changes, they have the highest authority contribution (i.e. God level) on the listing. Which means you as a seller cannot easily change it back.

Billion Dollar Dream 100 member Amy Wees of Amazing at Home says a seller she knows has had 10 of his 110 listings completely turned upside down by Amazon rewriting them using AI.

Amy says the way they have discovered to fix it, after some trial and error, is to open a case with Brand Support (you must be brand registered to reach them) and not with regular Seller Support.

Tell them AI has modified your listing without permission and you would like it changed back. But more specifically Amy says, you need to tell them you as the brand need to be shown as the “lead contributor” on the listing, making sure Amazon is no longer the lead contributor.

Also go ahead and let brand support know the title under 150 characters you want it to be changed to. You will likely get an email saying you need to delete the listing and re-upload it with a flat file after 24 hours to reset. This may not be necessary. If you follow the procedure above, Amazon should change it back.

OPT OUT: Luckily for all of us, Jason McClellan found a way to opt out of Amazon’s automatic AI rewriting program, as he demonstrates below.




This documentary shows how Amazon uses its size and power to raise prices for consumers and in the process negatively affect sellers.

The video follows four sellers on Amazon, two in Europe, two in the US, and their journey to survive on the platform.

It begins with an explanation of Amazon's pricing policies and then shows the complex ways Amazon enforces them.



The boys over at Selling from the Beach released a 17-page step-by-step PDF guide on how to automate the creation of Amazon Posts.

The six steps:

  1. Obtain UGC

  2. Still image generation

  3. Create hooks with Chat GPT 

  4. Google Sheets using bulk rename

  5. No-Code browser automation using Axiom.ai

  6. Repeat

Download the detailed guide for free to do it yourself.



Are you maximizing all the opportunities on Amazon with your Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display custom images?

With Amazon's recent vertical video update, it's now even more crucial to stand out and showcase your brand's creativity.

Billion Dollar Dream 100 member and Better AMS co-founder Destaney Wishon has released a free PDF guide that will help you in the Amazon creative ad process.

Broken into “Best Opportunities” and “Best Practices,” each section of this downloadable PDF guide includes a link with more details on how to implement.

Click image to download free guide

Want to be featured in this section? Use your referral link in this email to refer at least 10 active subscribers, then email me to get your event, course, webinar or tool “Shouted-Out” free to 6,500+ subscribers.

here’s looking at you kid

My “why” has led me to visit 94 countries and all 7 continents. I create my life and work around my life. Not my life around my business.

I hope to inspire you in your journey of business and life with photos, a short video I filmed, and a brief description of my time there.

The Holy Land


I often get asked “what’s your favorite country that you have visited?” For me, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for that question. It depends.

But when it comes to what was the most educational and eye-opening trip I have ever taken, there is no question it was my first visit to the Middle East back in June 2010. I traveled by car from the north to the south for two weeks with a former Israeli college professor as my un-biased expert guide.

The journey took me through the historically and spiritually rich landscapes of Israel and Jordan. This trip was not just a travel experience but a deep dive into the heart of religious history, significant for three of the world's major monotheistic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I view myself as spiritual and not religious, respecting all religions while acknowledging the complexities and contradictions inherent in them. My travels have exposed me to the diverse practices and beliefs of the world's major religions, enhancing my understanding of their cultural and historical significance.

Petra in Jordan

The Middle East is a region revered as holy by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Each of these faiths, with billions of followers worldwide, traces its roots back to ancient times and shares a common lineage through figures like Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

Judaism, with its deep historical ties to the land of Israel, awaits the coming of a Messiah, a belief rooted in the Tanakh, their sacred text.

Christianity, born from Jewish roots, centers on the belief in Jesus Christ as the divine son of God, a belief chronicled in the Bible, comprising the Old and New Testaments.

Islam, the youngest of the three, regards the Quran as the final and corrected revelation from God, delivered to Prophet Muhammad. This faith shares many prophets and stories with Judaism and Christianity but has unique interpretations and teachings.

The land of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, including the profoundly significant city of Jerusalem, is a focal point for all three religions. For Jews, it's the site of ancient temples and the Western Wall; for Christians, it's where Jesus was crucified and resurrected; for Muslims, it's where Muhammad ascended to heaven. This shared reverence makes the region not just a crossroads of faiths but also a center of enduring conflict.

The history of this land is marked by periods of conflict (as is happening now) and brief intervals of peaceful coexistence.

The establishment of Israel in 1948, following the withdrawal of the British mandate and the influx of Jewish refugees, ignited ongoing conflicts with its Arab neighbors and the Palestinian population. These conflicts are deeply rooted in religious beliefs, historical claims and geopolitical interests.

Despite the tensions, the region remains a must-visit (when not at war) for followers of these faiths and anyone interested in the profound history and cultural significance of this land.



“New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. A lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. All of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.”

✌🏼 On Monday I mentioned I was sending the newsletter from above the 66th parallel. I asked you to guess the country.

The correct answer was “Iceland”.

The first correct answer was from Adam Pixler! Great job Adam.

The answer to today’s STUMP BEZOS is
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