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Global e-commerce is expected to reach $6.3 trillion in sales in 2023.

How much of that is just in the USA?

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Reviews and testimonials that are creative, personal and emotionally charged will help your conversion rates significantly.

Reviews (even if 5 stars) that use generic phrases can reduce conversion.

You always want to try to get your customers to give you love stories.

How to Obtain Love Letter Reviews

How do you actually get customers to share love stories?

🧠 Tactic #1: Creative Prompts

When requesting reviews, use creative prompts like, "Does our product make you feel like you have superpowers?" or "Can you relate our product to a movie character? or “If your dog could talk, what what would she say about the dog bowl.” 

These nudges can actually make a difference. 

Typically, when people are asked for reviews, they tend to write something like "Great dog bowl - Fido loved it. Sturdy and easy to clean" without much thought. But when you ask the right questions, many will get more creative.

When you can't control the review submission itself, your invitation to leave a review should include creative prompts.

Don’t break Amazon’s rules by inferring a number of stars, or suggesting it be positive, only leave a review if you liked it or offer a gift, etc.

🖼️ Tactic #2: Wall of Love

Encourage your customers to directly send your company stories about how they use your product. If you sell a physical product, ask them to send photos or video of them using the product and the story behind its use.

If it's a digital product, get innovative: request photos of your software on their screens in their desk setups or in creative settings (beaches, mountains, boats, etc.), along with their story.

After collecting submissions, develop a simple website to display the most captivating love stories gathered. Acknowledge and reward the selected contributors with something of true value, motivating others to share their tales.

You can then use these in social media marketing, on your packaging, in emails and I have even done it in my image stack on Amazon (image #5 or #6).



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Amazon has quickly become the second most popular BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) provider in the United States.

BNPL has replaced the once popular “layaway” concept retailers once used during the holidays and for other big spending events.

Amazon says it can increase conversions by as much as 35%.

Amazon Pay also works on sites outside of Amazon, and can be coupled with Buy with Prime too.

Another Amazon partnership with Affirm lets small business owners buying under the Amazon Business program get loans up to $20,000 for as long as 48 months (wth interest between 10 and 36%).

  • BNPL is a type of short-term financing offered during checkout as a type of installment loan paid over time with a small down payment.

  • Buy now, pay later plans typically charge no interest if under 4 months.

  • Compared to traditional credit cards and personal loans, BNPL loans are fairly easy to get instantly approved for.

  • BNPL generally won’t affect a credit score unless consumers make late payments or fail to pay (but you don’t have any risk if this happens).


If you have inventory overstock that you cannot sell or you have product nearing the 365-day long-term benchmark or its expiration date, you need to get rid of them to avoid costly losses.

You could run a lighting deal or deal of the day. But why not run an outlet deal instead and get the prominent overstock badge?

To see if any of your products qualify, check eligible product recommendations via FBA Inventory → Recommendation → Create outlet deal. If they do, you can then set up an outlet deal to move some stock fast.

  • Remember Amazon’s recommendations can be here today, gone tomorrow.

  • Get rid of pricing rules for your products’ ASINs before submitting them to a deal. Pricing rules might be prevent the price from dropping.

  • Combine several of your deals with coupons to improve conversion rates. Also consider giving higher discounts than recommended to improve conversion rates.


Amazon has a strong presence on TikTok with #amazonfinds generating more than 64.5 billion views this year. Relatable and often viral UGC, combined with Amazon being America’s shopping cart of choice, make a perfect pairing. 

According to Business Insider, the average TikTok user opens the app eight times per day. TikTok is the new search engine for Gen Z. They actually prefer it for search instead of Google.

Jungle Scout recently published a list of 15 products and their sales graphs to demonstrate the power Tik Tok can have on your sales.

For example, Tik Tok videos of this dog bed:

appears to be responsible for a 36% increase in revenue …


There are a lot of AI tools that create pretty good lifestyle images. But there are not many that let you combine YOUR PRODUCT image into an AI generated scene.

Caspa does. It lets you bring your e-commerce products to life with AI by adding photorealistic human models, animals and custom backgrounds.

Check out this example:

The e-commerce Holiday Party of the Year is happening next week, on December 13th in Austin, Texas.

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Grab your spot now, rev up your holiday spirit, and get ready to light up the night (and come dressed naughty or nice)!

Diagram of the experience being created



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