➡️ Where adult goes, e-commerce follows

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  • 💰 AI’s Impact on product development

  • 🧔‍♂️ A beard guy you should follow (and bring cigars)

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  • 🇪🇬 The birth of civilization and influencer of religions

➡️ What takes off in e-commerce often starts in the adult industry

E-commerce and the modern internet owe much of their development to pioneering moves in the adult industry.

VHS tapes (the precursor to DVDs and video on demand for the young ones reading) took off because of the adult industry. “Be kind - rewind!”

Technologies like streaming video, affiliate marketing, online credit card processing, content delivery networks, digital rights management, pop-ups, virtual reality and augmented reality all initially found traction in the adult space.

Where adult goes, e-commerce follows.

AI is revolutionizing product development

While the adult industry might not invent these technologies, they certainly champion early usage, paving the way for mainstream refinement and consumer adoption.

Facebook, for instance, drew inspiration from Myspace, which was influenced by the adult site Friendster. HD TV's initial foray began in the soft adult domain. Mark Cuban's HD.net, the inaugural HD channel in the early 2000s, prominently showcased shows of bikini-wearing models during its infancy.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales cut his teeth with a site called Bomis, which was an online user-generated encyclopedia of beautiful women. Its "Bomis Babes" was devoted to erotic images and was its primary revenue generator.

Twenty-five years ago, I used to speak regularly with Jimmy and his Bomis partner Tim Shell. They, along with the Howard Stern radio show (before he went to Sirius/XM) would drive massive traffic to one of my early daily newsletter websites in the late 90s and early 2000’s that had 250,000 email subscribers.

Fast forward to today. AI is revolutionizing the adult industry by generating ultra-realistic models based on individual preferences. AI software can create hyper-realistic models of men and women based on a user’s personal preference.

With these sophisticated solutions, users can create an AI fantasy girl or man based on a few inputs like ethnicity, body shape, and physical attributes.

Machine learning algorithms are learning what turns folks on and delivering more of it. AI will be doing this soon for e-commerce too.

Amazon Web Services Senior Advisor Deepam Mishra says AI will radically alter product development for the companies that sell on Amazon.

Yesterday at Amazon’s Accelerate event in Seattle they showed a preview of how Amazon is incorporating generative AI into product listing creation - pretty impressive stuff.

Sellers only need to provide a photo and a brief description of the product in a few words or sentences, and Amazon will generate high-quality content. Sellers can then refine the listing, if they want to, or they can directly submit the automatically generated content to the Amazon catalog.

Brandon Young, Amy Wees & Brian Williams talk about AI product development

Alibaba, at their Co-Create conference in Las Vegas last week, announced a new AI product development tool coming soon within their platform.

You’ll be able to create the product you want on the Alibaba platform, drawing from your imagination and photos on the site. CAD designs and technical product and material specs will then be sent directly to factories to bid on.

The digital and e-commerce landscape is starting to undergo a rapid transformation. Ignoring the AI-driven paradigm shift in e-commerce is a surefire recipe for obsolescence.

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Welcome Norm Farrar to the Billion Dollar Dream 100

Every Thursday I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know in our industry.

Norm Farrar is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.

Norm has been an entrepreneur since before he could talk. He’s made millions, he’s lost millions, then made millions again.

He knows or has met just about everyone God has created and has had some crazy experiences along the way (ask him sometime about the guy he stopped from slitting his wrists on a plane ride between Oahu and The Big Island in Hawaii).

He has his fingers in every aspect of e-commerce, from selling on multiple marketplaces, to live streaming, dabbling in 3PL and fulfillment, to managed services for Fortune 500 clients, PR services, podcast hosting, speaking, mentoring and just being an all-around good human being that loves to eat and help others.

His proudest accomplishment: his three sons who are much better looking than he is (he married way above his level). One is a medical doctor, one is a talented musician and another has a spinning wheel named after him.

If you want to become Norm’s best buddy for life, next time you see him at a conference bring him a good cigar and a Coke Zero and he’ll spill all his deepest, darkest secrets on how to make millions selling e-commerce.

And he might tell you the mesmerizing story of how he was almost kidnapped (present cigar now).

“Anyways …”

Best place to start if you don’t know The Beard Guy is with his excellent 3x/week live streamed podcast, Lunch with Norm. The 500th episode show celebration is September 29th and will be an extravaganza that should not be missed.


Instantly Unlock Amazon Insights

Top Amazon sellers trust PickFu to optimize listings, validate products and beat the competition

Recently a hack was being spread online and in some social media groups that if you spell out words using your product parts in your main image, more people will be drawn to it and click.

So I (Kevin of BDSN) decided to test the theory.

I ran a poll on PickFu with several different options for the main image using some older pictures from a dog treat I used to sell.

The premise of the hack was not the winner by a wide margin - made me wonder if some people even test the things they teach?

Without PickFu, we would’ve likely wasted over a million dollars, if not much more, on bad creative choices.” - John Hefter, co-founder of Thrasio

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Deepam Mishra, Amazon Web Services Senior Advisor, believes AI will transform the product development process.

Product-market fit is a significant challenge for businesses, and predicting the right product to sell can be costly and time-consuming.

Mishra sat for a lengthy interview recently with Hubspot where he explained how to prepare for the massive changes he says are coming.

His key insights for small and mid-sized (SMB) businesses:

  • Improved Product-Market Fit Predictions:

    • 35% of SMBs/startups fail due to no market need.

    • AI helps understand both quantitative and qualitative data for better product-market fit. It reveals actual customer needs that may be overlooked.

  • Enhanced Speed of Product Development:

    • AI shortens product prototyping time.

    • Rapid content creation with high accuracy is a significant advantage of AI.

  • Revolutionizing Customer Feedback Collection:

    • Post-prototype, products need continuous iteration based on feedback.

    • Traditional analytics have limitations; AI can transform unstructured data (emails, social media) into actionable insights.

    • AI helps prioritize customer-preferred features.

  • Changing Engineer and Product Manager Interaction:

    • AI can train new employees and assist junior programmers.

    • Chatbots can guide complex prototyping and design.

    • Chatbots could generate design examples upon request.

    • AI supports and enhances human creativity in product development.

  • Redefining Customer Experience:

    • AI integration can redefine how customers experience products.

    • Future products may focus on AI as their core, e.g., mood-based content generation.

  • Mishra's Advice:

    • Start Experimenting: Use AI to analyze customer feedback and enterprise search.

    • Use Pre-existing AI Tools: Consider tools like Amazon’s Bedrock.

    • Identify AI's Potential: Determine high-value AI use cases.

    • Secure Stakeholder Buy-in: Ensure alignment and address leadership concerns.

    • Address Concerns: Highlight AI's role as a support and address potential risks.

    • Positioning of AI: Emphasize AI as a supporting tool, not the primary decision-maker.

Mishra underscores the importance of embracing AI at this pivotal moment to keep up with rapid advancements in product development and innovation.


Amazon PPC Launch Strategy in 2023

Liran Hirschkorn & Mansour Norouzi manage $58 million in ad spend and generated $356 million in revenue from January to June for their clients at Incrementum Digital..

In this presentation, they unveil a comprehensive approach to excel in Amazon product launches. They break down what to do in the first 30 days of a new product launch with exact step-by-step instructions.

The video delves into network effects, indexing, and the selection of relevant keywords, emphasizing a methodical approach to achieve organic ranking.

  1. Focus on Exceptional Product Images: Invest in high-quality product images to visually appeal to customers and convey the essence of your product effectively.

  2. Strategically Target Competitors: Leverage exact match, auto, loose match, and complement match campaigns to strategically target competitors and keywords with rank potential.

  3. Regularly Monitor and Optimize: Continuously analyze search term reports, pause non-converting keywords, and fine-tune your advertising campaigns to improve performance and organic ranking.

🎲 AMAZON SELLER FEUD → Test yourself against your peers

BDSN polled 160 Amazon Sellers.

Take your best guess what your fellow sellers thought the answer is to the question below (not necessarily the correct answer).


What is the biggest mistake brand new Amazon sellers make?

Wait a few seconds for the photo below to reveal the top answers.

🛠️ FEATURED TOOLS and RESOURCES → all the kool kids do this

Create up to 13 modules in Brand Stories

Most sellers usually create just a few modules, but did you know you can create up to 13 modules total in Brand Stories? That’s as many as 96 images and around 3,000 characters in your brand story you can use for better indexing, ranking and conversion.

Never fly coach again. Use the AMEX Business Gold credit card for 4X points on all your PPC spend.

I learned this tip from 8-figure seller Antonio Bindi. He spends a boatload on PPC on Amazon, and says he has not paid for a flight or flown coach in a long time using the points he earns from PPC spend on his AMEX cards.

Put all of your PPC on the Amex Business Gold card and make 4x points (must be the business gold card, not the personal one).

Each card has an annual earnings limit of $150,000 (600,000 points), so the solution is to get multiple cards in your name (capped at 10 per SSN - adding users won't work) and rotating them as your PPC preferred charge method.

You also get 25% points back on a selected airline. If you have several cards, you can select an airline for each.

Amex Platinum gets you 35% back on flights booked in business or first class on your main airline. Earnings are capped at 1M points a year. 

The best part: they are paid tickets when redeeming miles, so you make full points and status qualification on flights flown.

Apply here and earn 70,000 Membership Rewards® points after you use your new American Express® Business Gold Card to make $10,000 in eligible purchases within the first 3 months of card membership.

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🧳 TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE → here’s looking at you kid

My “why” has led me to visit 94 countries and all 7 continents. I create my life and work around my why. Not my why around my business.

I hope to inspire you in your journey of business and life.

The birthplace of human civilization

A 2.5 minute visit to Egypt

Egypt often lands pretty high on most people’s bucket list.

It’s the birthplace of civilization 5,100 years ago, and stories foundational to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have roots in ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Modern Egypt is predominantly centered around the Nile River, contrasting lush greenery with stark deserts. Cairo, a bustling metro area of 22 million is full of a unique mix of vehicles, animals, and non-stop honking.

Egypt is about 70% Muslim so you’ll hear the call to prayer ring out five times daily. Women may feel uncomfortable at times due to Egypt’s male-oriented society.

Unfinished homes are common, signaling the potential for future family expansion and to avoid paying taxes on a finished home.

Egypt’s world wonder attractions are fascinating.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is spectacular, showcasing an incredible collection including King Tut's 11kg gold mask and remarkably preserved mummies.

My recommended top five must-see sites are:

1) Egyptian Museum
2) Tombs at Valley of the Kings
3) Pyramids/Sphinx in Giza
4) Abu Simbel
5) Karnak


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Kevin King, Tim Jordan and Steve Chou on panel at Alibaba.com’s Co-Create